The one that got away ~a mermaid love story~

The one that got away ~a mermaid love story~


2. vacation

Niall's p.o.v

Harry Liam Louis Zayn and I needed a break, so we decided to go on a cruise on a vacation.

(Day of boat departure)

"Wow I can already tell this is going to be awesome!" I said. "Yeah." They all replied in unison. When we got on the boat, it was amazing. We all awed at the site. We checked in and she gave us our room key. We rented out two rooms for five boys. As the boat left the station, we were in the mid sea. It was beautiful.

Jaclyn(the mermaid leader's)p.o.v

Kaitlyn, Mollee, Hannah, Natalie, and I were going for a nice swim in the mid sea. When we saw a big boat our first instinct was to get a closer view. When we all saw five super cute boys sitting on the railing, we got closer but then the blond one looked my direction. We quickly dipped underwater and swam off. Little did we know he already saw me.

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