The one that got away ~a mermaid love story~

The one that got away ~a mermaid love story~


5. Niall+Jaclyn

Jaclyn's p.o.v

"Hi my name is Niall," the blond boy said. We gazed into each other's eyes. My friends were screaming for me to snap out of it. I finally did. "H-hi my name is Jaclyn, the mermaid leader," Well, Jaclyn, I like you. I just looked at him. Was this what humans called love at first site? Because if it were I had it. They stayed and talked to us. I and Niall were talking, Hannah and Harry, Natalie and Liam, Mollee and Louis, and Kaitlyn and Zayn. We talked until their boat had to leave. They said they were going the Cannary Islands. We said we would follow the boat and meet them there. We could all tell that this would end up great in the end. Little did we know they were already planning to build an aquarium.

Hey guys thank you so much for your support. I will definitely keep my word and keep writing. 🐠

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