The one that got away ~a mermaid love story~

The one that got away ~a mermaid love story~


4. a mermaid

Niall's p.o.v

A mermaid.... We all saw it. At least, I think I did. We ran to the rock and snuck up behind them. We all wanted to get a better look. I kept eyeing the one with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The others were staring at some of the other mermaids. I didn't know that to do. I just crept up behind them and tapped on her shoulder.

Jaclyn's p.o.v

I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. It startled me and when I turned around I was shocked. A human! I instantly fell in love with him, though. We all hid our tails behind the rock an said, "Can we help you?" He just chuckled and said, "We know your mermaids and we won't tell anybody. I made a sigh of relief.

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