Misery Business

Kylie Miller, a girl of 17 who lives with his mother, an alcoholic and drug addict woman who treats her at will. But everything changes when he decides to sell it to a man named Matthew Reeves, better known as 'Matt'. He is a very wealthy criminal. After a while Kylie discovers it's more than just a strange and maybe his name could change. Zayn Malik is the new assistant, when Kylie came, he had more than 3 weeks in the world of crime and helping Matt in dirty jobs. He is 22, ¿his fame? The has to be a womanizer and sleeping with women that she want But to know Kiley everything is different. Zayn guards a secret, the very big one, which might cost the death and his dear Kylie ' When the heart falls in love ... and the love partner of the deception turns they turn out to be the Misery business...


2. Hate

Do not even know what will happen with my life, do not expect anything interesting. I take a shower and when I finish under the stairs in my small house. ... Find my mother sitting on the couch with a bottle of alcohol in his left hand and with his right holding a cigarette. I look, but do not give importance. It start to roar I'll my stomach I go to the refrigerator, but as expected there is nothing.

-'Mum,' I say -there is nothing to eat.

-'Well, do not eat-responds annoyed.

-But ... Im hungry.

- What do you want me to do? Purchase food.

-I would, but you never give me money.

-Get yourself a job, do not you're a big girl you think? How old are you? 15?

-I am 17.

-Well, there, you should do something, you spend all day asleep.

- Are you crazy? You're the one that always happens here, deep in your stupid drinking and getting high.

My mother looks at me with a face, gets up from the couch and walks over to me with his bottle and cigar in hand, the smell is mixed and reaches my noisles

'I do not talk like that again, insolent - she slaps me. My cheek burns -. Must respect me.

- I hate you! I dream that you were not my mother.

I climb the stairs quickly, I get into my room and shut the door. I lie in bed to mourn, I bite the pillow and wet with my tears

. I do not understand why my life has to be this way, why do I have to suffer, why I can not have a normal life.

If only I could have one wish would be to have a close family, who loves me, but only desires that never met.

After a long time my mother comes into my room with a new cigarette in his hand.

- What do you want? i Asked

-. 'Nothing,yours' -he says - you just notice that I will go because I'm going to make some business when I come back you're ready, pack your clothes.

- ¿what? ¿For what?

- Wi will travel

- Are you serious? Will we travel? Where?

-Do not ask so many questions now and pack your bags when you return you have to be ready okay?

- Yes , but you are........

My mother closed the door before he can finish the sentence. Anyway ... Who cares? I take vacations. this makes me very happy, but then it seems a bit strange.

I take a suitcase and start packing all my clothes.

When finally the low end up to the room. She is still missing. Oh, I wonder where I will meet , I'm excited.

After about an hour my mother arrives, but with a man I had ever seen, appears less than 40 years. His hair is brown, almost blond, and his eyes are like sapphires, but are behind a full bifocals. Will her new lover? It is not ugly.

- Mom? -Say-Where did you get? You said it only took a little.

My mother flashes a smile and looking at me

She- says pointing with his finger -¿do you like?

-Yeah! She is pretty -

- What are you talking about, Mom? I ask confused.

- Are you ready?

-IYes, but ¿who is he?

The man approaches me, takes my bag and begins to take her. I approached him to stop.

-Let me go iddiot - i scream-

- Kilie , Do not talk like you, silly girl!

-My mother yells at me -But what is happening?

- 'Well, my mother sighs-I'll tell you a good time, i dont wanna live with you anymore, now you are gonna live whit Matt.

- What? No ... what are you talking about?

- How do you explain ... I will be more direct ... I sold to him?

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