Had Me At Hello

Elle's mom recently got a new job as a cook, but Elle doesn't know that her mom is working for 5 Seconds of Summer. They go touring with the boys and one of them falls in love with her.


9. new chapter

Luke's Pov

Elle's has been quite distant from me. Just before I held her hand to keep her calm when people were yelling and pushing around the hotel but he pulled her hand away and kept walking. She wouldn't look at me and stayed quiet. I know she's been getting a lot more hate since our date and I feel really bad. She shouldn't be getting hate just for hanging out with me. She was crying so much last night because of all of the tweets being sent to her. I tweeted out for people to stop sending all of the hate to her, hopefully it will cool down a bit. I felt arms around me, it was Elle. I turned around and held her tightly.

The boys and I have an interview today so we made it to the studio. There was a mic for each of us and Elle stood in the corner. The interviewer asked us questions about the new album coming out in June and about the band. Then he asked about who was single or taken. I didn't really know how to answer that question so I stayed quiet. I wasn't sure if Elle and I are going to be a thing of not but I really wanted to.

"Luke is very quiet. I heard you have been spotted by a girl lately and she may or may not be in this room." He smiled.

I looked over at Elle and she mouthed "not together." But she looked kind of upset when she said it

"Uh yeah. She's been our tour buddy." I replied

"There are quiet a few pictures of you two getting close-" he said

"We're just friends." I said into the mic

"Would you like to say anything about this?" He asked Elle

"Uh nothing is going on between us." She sighed and looked at me when she said it.

The interview was over and the show started and she decided to stay backstage. We tried to get her to get on stage with us but always said no. We even tried to carry her on but she ran back to the curtains. She really doesn't want to be in the media at all. We were leaving the venue and we were being bombarded my fans. We were trying to make it to the car, I make sure Elle was very close behind me. I turned around and saw a tear roll down her cheek.

"Stop using him for fame you slut!" A girl yelled

I glared at her and pulled Elle close to me and wiped away her tear. We made it to the car and quickly got in.

"Some people don't know how to keep their fucking mouth shut." Calum said upset

"Why the fuck would she say that?" Michael yelled angrily

"What a bitch. She's just jealous." Ashton said

We tried to get her to feel better throughout the car ride back but she just sat there in silence. When we got the hotel she just changed into shorts and a t shirt and lied in bed. I sat on the edged next to her silently. I wanted to say something to her but didn't know what or when to say something. I really want her to feel better about this and wanted to clear up if we are together or not but what happened during the interview I don't think we are.

"I know it hurts but you have to deal with it. Not everyone is going to like you the way I do. Everyone has haters but you have to learn to ignore them." I said

"The thing is I can't. I try to but I want to know the reason why they hate me so much."

"There is no real reason to hate you."

She just stayed silent

"C'mon out a smile on your face. Can I see a smile?" I asked, she just looked at me. "You leave me no choice." I said and started tickling her

"NO! STOP! OKAY. PLEASE" she laughed.

"Yessssss!" I smiled

I lied next to her with her head rested on my arm. We talked for a bit about the most randomest things until we just lied there quiet. I really want to ask her about what we are but I'm not sure when or if I should. What the hell I'll just do it now.

"I have a question." I said

"Hmm?" She asked

"What are we exactly? Like are we friends or a couple? I really want to know."

She was quiet for a little bit. "What do you want us to be?" She asked looking up at me

"A couple...? I don't know if you want to be. I don't want to be forcing you into dating me." I said weirdly

"So you want us to be a couple."

"Yes. I really like you, Elle. I care about you so much and I just always want you in my arms to keep you safe and happy. and-"

I stopped talking when she kissed my cheek. "We're dating. Happy?" She smiled

"HELL YES!" I yelled getting up and danced around the room

"Oh my god you look so stupid." She laughed

"You're my girlfriend! Yeah. I'm so happy." I sang while she laughed

After a while I got tired and got into bed with her by my side. I don't know why I like her so much. She is just amazing, beautiful, cute, funny, smart and so many other things. She has been through a lot but is still strong. I looked down at her to see her stare out the window. I wonder what she's thinking about.

"Could we keep our relationship quiet?" She whispered


"Not forever but just a little while. I don't want to be causing drama throughout your fandom." She sighed

"Okay." I said and kissed her forehead


This is a short chapter I know. Sorry.

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