Had Me At Hello

Elle's mom recently got a new job as a cook, but Elle doesn't know that her mom is working for 5 Seconds of Summer. They go touring with the boys and one of them falls in love with her.


4. new chapter

Elle's Pov

What time is it? I slowly opened my eyes and saw Luke right next to me. His arm was around me and my leg overlapped his. Wait.. When did this happen? I patted my back pocket to see if my phone was there but I felt a different material... Sweats? These aren't mine. I tried to get out of his grip but I didn't want to wake him up so I just laid there.. Waiting. I felt something hard on my back, Yes! It's my phone. I turned it one to check the time, 9:14 am. I scrolled through twitter and Instagram to see what everyone is up to and got bored so I took some selfies. What else am I suppose to do? I also took some cute pictures of Luke sleeping. I turned off my phone and just stare at him. His cute messy hair, the lip ring... I don't know why but I kind of want to kiss him... No, stop it. I gently touched his chest with my fingers, I felt his grip around my waist tighten. He yawned and stretched.

"Good morning." He whispered in a raspy voice

"Good morning Luke." I smiled

"How long have you been up?" He asked

"Uh about half an hour. Not long. So how was your sleep?"

"It was nice and warm. Very cuddly. You?" He smiled

"Slept like a baby. Hey, are these sweats yours?" I asked awkwardly

"Uh... Yeah. I kinda put them on you cause I thought you'd feel uncomfortable wearing jeans to bed." He said shyly

"Thanks. Did I put them on?"

"Yeah. Your underwear was cute by the way. I liked the little smiley faces." He giggled

"Shut up!" I laughed

We just lied there and talked to each other for about half and hour until the other guys woke up.

"You two seemed to have a great sleep." Michael yawned

"What?!" Luke said and moved a little further away from me

"You guys were cuddling the whole night." Ashton winked and walked over to my side of the bed and gave me his phone

"You took pictures of me?! Eww I look so nasty in this one! Oh, this one isn't that bad." I said looking through each photo

"Can I post this?" Ashton asked

"I don't think you should. The girls would be upset." Calum said

"Yeah, it's not a good idea." Luke said

"Um where are my jeans?" I whispered to Luke

"One sec." He said getting out of bed. "Here." He smiled and handed me my pants.

"Thanks. I should get back to my room. And uh I'll return these to you after I wash them." I said and left

I searched through my pockets to find my room key. My mom is still lying in bed sleeping, I carefully placed my things down and made her some tea. I woke her up and gave her the tea and pills she need a to take everyday. I watched as she swallowed 4 pills.

"Are you feeling okay?" I asked

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." She said

"How am I suppose to do that? We can go back home if you want, I'll start working again." I offered

"No, you shouldn't be working-"

"I shouldn't be working? Mom, you're the one that shouldn't be working."

"I want to be doing something I love and travel the world with the one person I love most." She said and kissed my forehead

"Okay, but if you EVER need anything, just ask or text me." I said

"I love you, Michelle." She smiled

"I love you too, mom." I sighed

The guys went out while i stayed in my hotel room doing homework. Agh this is getting annoying. I pulled up Skype on my laptop and called my friends. It rang about 4 times until someone picked up. It was one of the best friends, Sarah. And then Emily right after.

"Hey Mish! What's up?" Sarah asked

"Agh I'm so bored and I don't want to do homework. I miss you guys." I said

"I know. It's so different without you. When are you coming back?" Emily asked

"I'm not sure. Not for a while." I shrugged "so what's going on back home?" I asked

"Nothing much. Our school is pretty boring. You're so lucky to travel all around Europe and the USA with 5 Seconds of Summer. Are you dating any of them yet?" Emily smiled

"What, no! I've known them for about just over a week and you think I'm dating one of them? You're crazy." I laughed

"Fine. Which one would you date?" She asked

"They're all cool." I said

"You didn't answer the question." Emily groaned

"Are you going to be back by prom?" Sarah asked

"When is it?"

"About 2 and a half months."

"Agh I really hope i do. I wouldn't want to miss prom with you guys." I sighed

We chatted for about another hour until i decided to try to finish my homework. I was taking a nap until I heard a knock at the door. Noooo, I don't wanna get up. I pulled the covers over and walked to the door. The guys were standing there waiting to be invited in. I moved over so they could walk through the door and plopped myself on the bed.

"I see you haven't changed out of your clothes" Luke said

"I'm so tired. Why did you guys have to come to my room?" I groaned crawling back in bed.

"We were wondering if you'd want to go to the concert tonight." Ashton said

"When is it?" I yawned

"In 2 hours." Calum smiled

"Yeah sure. I'm just going to take a nap." I said

"Moved over!" Michael yelled "I'm going to take a nap too."

He crawled over next to me and pulls the covers over his body. I closed my eyes but I could still feel everyone's eyes one me. "Could you stop staring at me?" I yawned. After about 5 minutes Michael fell right to sleep while I just lay there silently. I looked over at the end of the bed and the rest of the boys were on their phones probably on twitter or Instagram. I could hear Ashton say "hey everyone. We're really excited about the show tonight!" He turned the camera toward Michael and i and said "Michael and Elle are napping. Lil cuties." He turned it back to him and said "so yeah. See you guys tonight!"

Luke's Pov

We knocked on Elle's room and she opened the door looking tired. She let us in and crawled back into bed. She still wore the same thing she did this morning and her hair was a bit messier. Michael laid down the spot next to her and stared at her while she tried to sleep. I don't want him lying next to her. What am I doing? I shouldn't be thinking like this, I shouldn't be so protective. Stop it. But I couldn't help it. I just wanted to push mike over and take his spot. I sat down on the edge of the bed and went on twitter to distract myself. Ashton started to make a video to post on Instagram like he always does. An hour later Elle woke up and got dressed and got ready to leave. She walked over to the bed to wake Michael up.

"Hey, Michael. Wake up." She said and shook his shoulder.

"Why..?" He groaned

"You have a show to get to, stupid." She smiled

"Agh okay, okay I'm getting up." He yawned.

We all made it to our destination and got out of the car. Girls had spotted us and started to surround the group. Elle looked a bit nervous and scared so I held her hand. We were being pushed and squished together, we were able to move again when security came in to help. They carefully made the girls step back to let us through, I didn't feel Elle's hand in mine anymore, I turned around and saw her being pushed to go back with the fans. "I'm with them." She said. "Sorry miss we can't let you through." The man sternly said. I quickly ran back and took her hand again. "C'mon." I whispered and walked her into the building. She was shaking in fear.

"Hey, you alright?" I asked concerned

"Yeah. I'm just scared of big crowds and people yelling at me." She said calming down slowly

"You should have told me."

"I thought I could handle it." She sighed

"If you get scared again from getting mobbed like that, you can just hold my hand. Would that calm you down a bit?" I asked

"Yeah. I guess." She nodded

"Good. Let's catch up with the rest of the guys." I smiled



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