Had Me At Hello

Elle's mom recently got a new job as a cook, but Elle doesn't know that her mom is working for 5 Seconds of Summer. They go touring with the boys and one of them falls in love with her.


2. New Chapter

Luke's Pov

I heard voices yelling and screaming.

"WAKE UP!" Ashton yelled in my ear. I heard Elle groan and pulled her head under the covers. "Stoooop" she mumbled. I sat up and scratched the back of my head.

"Why are you waking me up?" I yawned

"Breakfast is ready." Calum smiled

Elle pulled the covers off her and sat up. Her pony tail was loose so she pulled out her hair elastic and pulled her fingers through her hair. She got off my bed, grabbed her glasses of my nightstand and walked out of the room as the boys watched her leave.

"What was she doing in your room?" Michael smiled

"We didn't do anything if that's what you are wondering. She just asked if she could sleep on my bed cause the couch is uncomfortable." I said

"I find it quiet comfy if you ask me." Ashton said

"You two looked comfortable." Michael chuckled

"Yeah ok. I'm going to get some breakfast." I said and walked to the kitchen.

Waffles and fruit were on the dining table. I quickly sat down and grabbed a plate.

"Good morning mom. Did you sleep well?" I heard Elle say from the kitchen

"Yeah, thank you for letting me have the whole bed." He mother said "breakfast is one the table."

"Thanks mom!" Elle said and sat across from me

"Um can Elle come to the arcade with us today?" I asked

"I don't know.." Her mother sighed

"Please mom?!"

"Ok but don't be out too long ok? Be safe."

"Ok thanks! So what time are we leaving?" She asked

"Um in a few hours." I answered

We finished our breakfast and just lounged around the house. Elle was in the bathroom getting ready to go. I hope she doesn't take too long. Calum was taking a quick shower before we go and Michael was shaving while Ashton and I were waiting on the couch. Elle was the first one out. Her hair was wavy and long, she wore a black shirt that says 'I'm so bad in good' and had denim shorts on. I don't know if she's wearing make up or not, and she wore her glasses. Elle sat the other end of the couch and took out her phone. Michael and Calum finally finished and we left.

It wasn't a long walk, about 15 minutes. We ended up piggy back racing to the arcade. Elle was on Michael's back and I was on Calum's while Ash ran. Michael and Elle won and they cheered and hugged. We made it inside and ran to some of the games. Michael, Calum and I played this racing game while Ashton and Elle played this violent shooting game. I could hear her little screams and laughs every time she got shot. I ended up 2nd place out of the 3 of us and Michael won. Elle was now over to the claw thing where you try to grab a stuffed animal. She stood there choosing which one to grab. I rushed over and put a coin in the slot and smiled. She walked over to the lever and moved it around trying to get one. She kept missing and laughed every time she dropped one. I placed another coin in the slot and I tried to get the purple penguin. After 2 more tries I finally got it! I handed it to her and a smile spread across her face. Ashton was making another Instagram videos so I ran behind him.

"Oh hey it's Luke!" Ashton smiled

"I got a purple penguin!" I said and pointed at the penguin in Elle's arms

"YEAH!!" Elle yelled and held up the penguin

The video ended and he started another one. He held up his phone so all 3 of us fit in frame.

"Hey guys! Meet our friend Elle! Say hi!" Ashton smiled

"Hi.." She said shyly and hid her face behind the stuffed animal

"C'mon let them see your face." Ashton smiled and pulled the penguin out of her hands

"No, stop!" She giggled and covered her face with her hands and turned around

He posted the short video and Elle walked back towards us.

"Hey do you have Instagram or twitter? I'll follow you! " Ashton asked

"Oh. I should too!" I said and took out my phone

"Uh yeah. It's @itsElleB for both."

She said (A/N just made up for the story)

"What are you guys doing?" Calum said while him and Michael walked over

"Following Elle on twitter and Instagram." Ashton said while typing her user in

We've been in the arcade for about 3 hours and decided to get something to eat before we head back home. We all walked down the streets to find a place we could eat. Some fans asked for a picture. Elle awkwardly stood there holding the girls' phone and took each photo.

"Smile!" She'd always cheer

We found a little fast food restaurant we could eat in. We sat there with our fries and burgers and chatted a bit.

"Did you know that your mother is working for us" Ashton asked

"No, she didn't tell me and I never really asked. So when is the tour starting?" She said

"In a few days." Calum answered

"That's cool. Are you guys excited about having your own tour?" She asked

"Yeah. We always dreamed of it and now it's happening and it's amazing!" I answered

"so how is your family?" She asked all of us

"They're great! Luke's mum is going to be touring with for a few days." Calum smiled

"Awe. That's cute." She smiled

We finished our lunch and made our way back home. Elle quickly took off her shoes and sat on the couch. She brought her phone up to her face and a voice started talking to her. I guess she was face timing a friend.

"ELLE!!!" A girl said

"SAR BEAR!" Elle smiled

"Hey it's Mish!!" Another voice said

Mish? Is that a nickname or something? Whatever. I went to my room to set my things down and to change out of these clothes. I walked back out into the living room and she wasn't there. She probably went to her room. I little ring came from my phone, it was a notification from Instagram. Elle had taken a selfie with the penguin and the caption was 'Got this little guy today! Thanks Luke!' And she tagged me as the penguin. I smiled and liked the photo. She walked out of her room in these white shorts and an oversized t shirt that she tied in the back.

"Hey, have you seen my mom?" She asked

"Yeah, I think she's out in the backyard. I thinks she barbecuing." I said

"Ok thanks!" She smiled and started to walk to the other end of the house

"Hey, wait up!" I called out and caught up to her.

The rest of the boys were in the pool. I sat at the edge of the pool and stuck my feet in the water. Elle walked back inside the house and quickly made it back out holding some plates and knives and forks. She started to set the table that was outside and sat in one of the chairs, she just stared blankly at the ground probably thinking very hard about something. She started to shake her leg and play with her hair still staring at the ground.

"Elle! Why don't you join us?!" Michael asked

"No, I'm ok." She said looking up

"C'mon!" Calum smiled

Michael got out of the pool and picked up Elle. She was laughing and screaming, pounding his back so he would put her down.

"Michael put me down!" She laughed

"I'll put you in the pool!" He smiled

"No No No!!" She screamed

She got out of his grip and tried to run back. I quickly grabbed her and carried her bridal style and jumped in the pool with her in my arms. She resurfaced and pulled herself out of the water.

"LUKE!" She laughed and splashed water in my face "I have to go change now!" She said getting up on her feet

"Sorry, I had too." I smiled and took off the wet shirt I was wearing and my black jeans

"Why don't you come in the pool with us?" Michael asked

"Next time. I'll be back in a few minutes." She said and went back inside the house

Her mother had finished cooking the steaks and placed one on each plate and ran back inside. She came back out with the potato wedges and salad and placed them on the table. We all said "thank you" and got out of the pool. I walked inside the house to hang up my wet clothes and to grab a towel. I changed into some sweats and went back outside. Elle had already changed and sat in her seat. We got to know Elle a bit more while we ate.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Calum asked

"..uh no.." She said "why?"

"Really? Have you ever kissed anyone?" He asked again

"Nope. Everyone has had their first kiss at like 11 and then there's me." She smiled

"What's the furthest you've gone with someone?" Michael asked

"Uh hugging.... Or kiss on the cheek..? But that's not that often but I hug people all of the time."

"You haven't given me a hug yet!" I smiled

She smiled and got up off of her chair and walked over to me. I stood up and opened my arms and pulled her close.

"Jesus you're tall." She giggled

Her arms wrapped around me and her cheek pressed against my chest.

"Maybe you're just super short." I smiled

"Agh I hate being so small." She groaned

She sighed and release from my arms and sat back down on her seat.

"How was the hug?" Ashton asked

"Pretty good." I smiled

"You still need to hug the rest of us!" Michael yelled

"I will laterrrr!" She laughed

We finished our dinner and cleared the table and brought everything inside. My mom walked through the door and gave me a big tight hug.

"Hi mom." I smiled

"I misses you! Where is everyone else?" She asked

"I think they're playing video games and Elle is in the kitchen with her mom." I answered

"... Oh right the cook. Ok, let me greet her and get to know her better." My mom smiled and walked towards the kitchen and I followed her

"Hello, you must be Emily Benson. I'm Liz, Luke's mother." She introduced herself to Ms. Benson

"Hi, yes I'm Emily and this is my daughter Michelle." She said and Elle placed a plate down and waved

While our moms talked, Elle was washing up the dishes. I decided to help her since there were many things to clean.

"So, your name is Michelle?" I said

"Yeah, all my friends called me Elle, some called me Mish but mostly Elle."

"Mish is cute. Mish. Mish. Mish. Mi-"

"Stop it!" She laughed

We finished washing the dishes and walked to Michaels room where everyone else was and sat on the bed while they played their game.

"Hey, Luke. Do you want to play? There's an extra controller." Ashton said

"Uh sure." I answered and looked over at Elle

"Go play your game. I'll just sit here and be on my phone." She smiled


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