Had Me At Hello

Elle's mom recently got a new job as a cook, but Elle doesn't know that her mom is working for 5 Seconds of Summer. They go touring with the boys and one of them falls in love with her.


1. Hello

Ah. Finally finished packing after 4 hours. Agh filling a big suitcase and a carry on bag was tiring. It's harder than it sounds. I laid out what I am going to wear tomorrow on my bed and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a plain t shirt and went to take a shower. After my long shower was over I got dressed into my pjs and put my hair into a quick bun. I put on my glasses and went downstairs. My mom is in the kitchen cooking the last dinner before we leave tomorrow.

"Are you excited?" I asked

"Yes! I'm so happy that I'm gonna do what I love!" My mother cheered

My mom recently got a new job! I am so happy for her. After my dad died she stopped going to work and eventually lost her job. She got depressed and didn't want to do anything. We were scarce on money and could barely keep that house of what we had left. So I went out to get a job. I worked at the grocery store and baby sat. I wasn't making much but enough to pay for things we needed. After about 4 months, she finally got better and found a job.

"Dinner is ready!" My mother called

After dinner I washed the dishes and went upstairs to go to bed. I set my alarm on my phone to 6:30am and went to bed.


"Nooooo. Just a little longer." I groaned and pulled my pillow over my face

I finally pulled myself out of bed and got dressed. I took out my bun and brushed my long dark wavy hair. I quickly put on some concealer and walked to my mom's room to wake her up and carried her bags downstairs. I ran back to my room and grabbed my bags and placed them at the bottom of the stairs. I put my sneakers on and sat at the bottom of the steps waiting for my mom. She came down and called for a taxi. 10 minutes has passed and the taxi had arrived at our house and put our bags in the trunk. The ride to the airport was 45 minutes, we paid the man and grabbed out suitcases out of the trunk and ran inside to get our bags checked. Our flight leaves at 8:30 and it's 8:09 now. 20 minutes left of waiting. I sat in a chair and put my earbuds on my ears to listen to some music and watched our bags. My mom went to one of the restaurants to get something to eat. She ran back with 2 sandwiches in her hand and gave me one. We boarded the plane and waited for the plane to take off. I looked out the window as the watched the building was getting smaller and smaller. We were up in the clouds and it looked beautiful. I slowly fell back to sleep as music still played in my head.

"Wake up! We're landing!" My mom said happily

"Huh? Oh yeah. Okay." I said still half asleep

We got off the plane and waited for our suitcases to show up. After 10 minutes we grabbed our bags and called a taxi. It took us to a house, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. It was still very nice and cozy. My mom took out the key out of her purse and walked inside the house. I slowly walked inside and placed our bags near the door. I lost my mom so I just walked around the house. I went out to the backyard and found a pool. I walked back inside to explore the house. I found the living room and sat in the couch. A tall guy walked over to me looking confused.

"Um hello... why are you here? How did you get in?!" He asked

"Oh um-"

"Do you want a picture?" He asked

"Uh no. My mom is um working for you." I answered

"Prove it. What does she do?"

"Mom! You're the cook right?" I called out

"Yes. I thought you already knew." She said

"Yeah. Just making sure." I said looking back at the boy

He looked away a bit embarrassed. He is very tall and had a lip piercing on his bottom lip. He is very attractive and cute. Another guy came in and saw me.

"Who is this?" He asked walking over

"Um her mom is working for us."

"Oh. Hi, I'm Calum!" The guy with dark hair smiled

"Um.. I'm ... Elle." I said

"Guess you met Luke already. Have you met the other boys yet?" Calum asked

"No." I said

"C'mon. I'll introduce you to them! You coming Luke?" He asked

He lead me to the other side of the house and into a bedroom. There was 2 other boys in the room playing video games.

"Guys! Pause the game." Calum said

"Why?" The boy with brown hair asked

"I have to introduce you to someone."

They paused the game and turned around

"This is Elle. Her mom is going to be working for us so I guess she going to be with us too."

"Hey..." I awkwardly waved

"Hey, I'm Ashton and Michael!" He smiled

"... Soo um I'm just gonna go and hang out with my mom... So... Bye." I awkwardly said and left the room

Luke's Pov

Im so excited for the tour to start next week! I can't believe we're having our own tour. I get to do something I love everyday and do it with my 3 best friends. I get to make thousands of people smile every night and travel to different places. I started to feel hungry so I went out of my room to get something to eat. There was a girl sitting on the couch. She saw me and stood up off the couch. She is pretty short, I think about 5'2. Her hair was long and she wore glasses. I thought she was a fan that broke into our house wanting a picture or autograph but apparently her mom is working for us. I found out her name is Elle. I should get to know her better since she's gonna be touring with us for a while. I saw her struggling with her bags and ran over to help her.

"Oh um. Where can I put these and do you have an extra room?" She asked

"Uh yeah. Here I'll help you." I smiled

"Thanks. You can get that bag over there." She said

I brought her to the guest room and placed her bags near the closet. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. I sat next to her and turned towards her.

"Let's get to know each other." I smiled

"Um okay. What do you want to know?" She asked

"Uh... When is your birthday?" I asked

"May 13th. How about you?"

"July 16th." I smiled

"Where are you from?" I asked

"I was born in Canada but moved to Australia last year."

"Why did you move here?"

"A lot of my family are here so we decided to live here." She answered

We continued to talk for another half an hour and I found out a bit more about her. Elle is sweet, cute, funny. I think I'm going to get along well with her.

"Are you hungry? I could ask my mom to cook you guys something." She asked

"Uh sure. If it isn't much trouble."

"She going to be cooking for you guys like everyday. What do you want?"

"Just some sandwiches." I answered

"For dinner?" She asked

"Yeah. I bet she's tired and I don't want her to make something difficult on the first night."

"Awe. Ok. I'll ask her to make you guys sandwiches." She smiled and left the room

I stepped out of the guest room and walked to Michael's room where the other boys are. They sat on the floor talking, I came over and sat next to Calum.

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked

"Elle. She seems nice." Ashton said

"Yeah. I was just talking to her."

"She's pretty cute too. What do you guys think?" Michael smiled

"Yeah she is pretty cute." I grinned

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" Ashton asked

"We could go to the arcade. Haven't been there in a while." Michael suggested

"Do you think Elle will come?" I asked

There was a quiet knock on the door and she stood there shyly.

"Uh.. Here. " she said walking in

"Oh thanks! Um would you like to go to the arcade tomorrow with us?" I asked

"Um I'll have to ask my mom if I can but most likely yes." She smiled

"Great!" I grinned

"Oh and do you guys mind if I sleep on the couch?" She asked

"Why can't you sleep in the guest room?" Ashton said

"I want my mom to have the bed and sleep well. So is it alright?"

"Uh sure if you really want to." Calum said

"Ok thanks. Goodnight." She smiled and left

Elle's Pov

I left the room and went to find my suitcase to change into some pjs. My mom was already in bed doing asleep so I have to be very quiet. I quickly grabbed my things and headed to the bathroom to change. I took off my make up and looked in the mirror, I don't like the way I look. My dark hair is so boring, I have spots on my face that never go away, I don't have a perfect smile, I have to wear glasses all of the time. Agh why can't I be those other girls that are perfect? I quickly changed and brushed my teeth, I tied my hair up into a pony tail and stepped out of the bathroom. I placed my day clothes on top of my suitcase and quietly closed the door so my mom won't wake up. I found a blanket lying on the couch so I grabbed it and covered myself. This couch isn't the most comfortable thing but I think I can handle it.

And hour has gone by and this couch is getting really uncomfortable. My neck is hurting and my back is sore. I got up off the couch and walked into the hallway. I found the first bedroom on my right. Who's room is it? I hesitantly knocked on the door and waited. Luke tiredly opened the door. Thank god it's Luke's room cause I didn't know the other boys that well.

"Um do you mind if... Like i could sleep with you tonight. Like not that sleeping but um just share a bed? I'm sorry-" I said

"Haha yeah it's fine. Come in." He laughed

We crawled into his bed and he turned off his lamp. I decided to sleep facing away from him, I kinda just lied there for a bit. Just waiting to fall asleep and didn't want to move. I felt an arm wrap around my waist, I jumped at his touch. He woke up and realized what he did and quickly pulled his arm away.

"I'm so sorry." He said

"Um it's ok. Sorry for waking you again."

"I didn't mean to do that. I just sometimes do that-"

"Let's just go back to sleep." I said and turned back around

"Do you mind if I cuddle with you while we sleep? Never mind. Forget I said that. Sorry." He said quickly

"It's ok if you want to.. If it makes you feel comfortable, why not?" I said hesitantly


"Uh yeah." I smiled

I laid back down and felt his arm around my waist again. It felt a but weird at first but it also felt nice.

"Goodnight" he whispered

"Goodnight Luke."


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