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Elle's mom recently got a new job as a cook, but Elle doesn't know that her mom is working for 5 Seconds of Summer. They go touring with the boys and one of them falls in love with her.


3. first concert

Luke's Pov

Today is the first day of the tour!!! We boarded the plane last night and made it to the hotel. The boys and I shared a room, Elle and her mother shared another and the rest of the crew got their own room. We all have jet lag so all of us are so tired. Michael and Calum have been napping for about an hour now and Ashton hopped in the shower. I'm tired but not been able to fall asleep. I've been just scrolling on twitter to see what everyone is up to, I noticed Elle was also on twitter. I decided to creep on her tweets. I smiled at the one that said

"don't talk to me unless you're a member of a band."

Her most recent tweet was from a few minutes ago and it says

"Agh I'm tired, bored, and hungry all at the same time. Someone help me."

I decided to just FaceTime her since I am bored and have no one to talk to at the moment. She quickly responded and her face appeared on my phone screen.

"Hey! I heard you are tired, bored and hungry." I smiled

"Haha yeah. Why did you have to FaceTime me. I look so nasty right now." She said fixing her hair out of her face.

"You don't look nasty!" I giggled

"Stop lying to meeeee. Where are the other boys?" She asked

"Mickey and Cal are sleeping and Ashton is in the shower." I replied

"Agh a shower sounds nice." She said

"Why don't you go take one?"

"But it's too far away." She groaned and pointed the camera towards the bathroom.

"Do you want to go get something to eat?" I asked

"Uhh sure.. Let me just right my mom a note and let me change out of this shirt. I'll come over to your room." She said walking over to her suitcase

"Ok. See you in a bit."

"Bye." She smiled

I got off my bed and put on my black jeans on and grabbed some money and placed it in my phone case and waited for her. There was a little knock at the door "Luke, it's Elle." She said through the door. I quickly put my shoes on and opened the door. We walked around the city, there was some wind so it was a bit chilly. Elle was wearing a little sweater but she was getting cold, so was I.

"Get on." I said crouching down a bit

"what?" She asked

"Get on my back."

She hopped on and wrapped her arms around me so she wouldn't fall. My back started to warm up and I could feel her hot breath on my neck. She rested her chin on my shoulder and sighed.

"Where are we going to eat?" She asked

"Oh right. I don't know... Look around for a restaurant." I said

She lifted her head back up and started looking back and forth.

"Hey there's a McDonalds over there." She said pointing across the street.

"Okay, hold on tight. I'm going to run." I smiled

Her grip tightened and I started to run. We both started to laugh as we made our way to McDonalds.

"Ok hop off." I said

"I can't just simply hop off your back. You're like a whole foot taller than me. Crouch down a bit." She laughed

She carefully got off my back and opened the door to walk inside. We ordered 2 large fries, 2 burgers and drinks. We brought our food to one of the tables and sat down. We talked about the show tonight, friends, what it's like back home. Back when she lived in Canada she moved a lot, Elle moved 5 times in the timespans of 5 years and went to 7 different schools so she didn't have that many friends growing up.

"We moved to Australia last year and my mom told me it's the last time we were moving. It sucks being the new girl every year or two." She said picking up a 'French fry'

We moved onto a happier topic and quickly finished our food, we left the building and walked back to the hotel. It wasn't as cold as it was before. A fan had spotted me and asked for a picture. Elle kindly offered to talk the photo for the girl. We all chatted for a bit but Elle and I had to get back.

"Bye! It was really nice to meet you." Elle smiled and waved to the girl

"Bye!!" She smiled

I walked her back to her room.

"Thanks for taking me out." She grinned

"No problem. Id do it again anytime."

"Okay, well thanks again and see you later." She smiled and closed the door

I went back to my room and fell on my back on top of my bed. The boys are now awake and watching tv.

"Where have you been?" Calum asked

"I went out with Elle to get something to eat." I said

"So you went on a date." Michael smiled

"No! We just-"

"You don't need to explain. We know it's a date." Ashton laughed

Elle's Pov

We arrived to the location where the concert was being held. The boys hopped up on stage to set up their instruments and did sound check. I sat in one of seats in the front row and watched. I smiled at them while they were goofing around and making keeks and Instagram videos. I got up on the stage and walked around making sure not to trip over the wires and cables. I saw a keyboard behind the curtains and sat on the bench. I pressed a few buttons to change the settings and pitch. I pressed some random keys but I forgot to turn down the volume so it got really loud.

"Shiiittt" I said and looked for the volume button

I pressed the keys again to make sure it wasn't too loud, I was about to play on the keyboard but then Luke walked over.

"Oh here you are." He grinned

"Hey. What's up?" I asked

"Just wondering where you were cause before you we right behind me and the next second you disappeared. Hey, you found a keyboard. Do you know how to play anything?" He asked

"Uh it's been a few years.." I said and placed my hands above the keys

I started to play the song 'Vienna' and hummed quietly to when you were suppose to sing. I struggled to play some bits of the song but I guess I did pretty good.

"You should teach me how to play. I'm shit at playing piano." He laughed

"I'll teach you how to play piano if you teach me how to play guitar." I smiled

"Deal." He grinned

"C'mon let's get to the dressing room." Ashton said walking by

"Oh, well talk to you real soon." He said and followed Ashton

I turned back to the keyboard but then heard doors open and people rushing in. I walked over to the side of the stage and looked out from behind the curtain. People rushing to their seats, talking to friends, getting pumped. Laughter and happiness fills the air, girls smiling and squealing getting so excited. I closed the curtain and say down on the bench next to the keyboard until a man told me to get on stage to entertain the fans while the guys get ready. I slowly walked into the stage and stood by the mic. I lowered it a bit cause it was kinda too high for me to talk into.

"I'm hi.. I'm Elle. I don't really know what to do up here so I guess I'll just answer some questions you might have about the guys or whatever." I said nervously. " Uh hi in the the blue striped shirt." I said

"What are the boys like?" She asked

"They are very loud, fun, funny, talented and cuddly? They can get annoying sometimes." I smiled

There were so many questions that the girls had.

"Who's your favourite boy?" A girl in a floral dress asked

"Uhh.. You can't make me choose! All four of them are great. Ok its time for me to go now. You're favourite band, 5 seconds of summer are going to be on stage in 5 minutes!"

The audience cheered and screamed. I ran backstage and took deep breaths. It's scary talking in front of so many people. How do they do it? It scared the shit out of me. They were warming up their voices and getting ready to hop up on stage at any moment. Liz told me there was an extra seat in the front that was hers and offered me to take it. She is so sweet. Luke, Calum and Michael grabbed their instruments and all of them went on stage. I quickly ran to my spot, as soon as they got on stage the room got a lot louder. The boys talked to the audience then started to play their first song of the night. The crowed was pumped, jumping to the beat and sang along to the lyrics. "You're just a little bit out of my limit! It's been two years now haven't even seen the best of me. And in my mind now I've been over this a thousand times. And it's almost over, let's start over." Everyone sang.

The whole show was great! Everyone was having an amazing time singing and dancing along to the music. People smiling, laughing having the time of their life. It was a great night.

Luke's Pov

We got on stage really pumped for the first show of our first tour! I scanned the audience and one girl caught my attention... You probably guessed it, Elle. She stood in the front row with a big smile on her face admiring everything. I looked at Elle the whole night, I couldn't help it. I tried looking away but I end up looking back at her again. But whenever I glanced over at her she was always looking somewhere else but there were a few occasions where we made eye contact and she'd give me a little wave. Elle looked like she was having a fantastic time, she smiled, laughed, sang along to most of the songs. We got back to the hotel just to hang out for a bit.

"I'm your favourite right?" Calum asked Elle


"I'm your favourite." He said

"What, no. I don't have a favourite." She smiled

"You have to have a favourite out of the four of us." Michael said

"No, I don't. Why can't i just like you guys equally?"

"Let's just face it guys. She likes me more." I smiled

"Do you guys want to watch tv?" Ashton asked

We all sat on the couch by the tv and looked for a show to watch. Ashton was flipping through the channels but there wasn't anything on so we watched spongebob. I felt something on my shoulder and looked over, Elle had fallen asleep and her head rested on me. I carefully got up and carried her to my bed. She was wearing skinny jeans but I don't think its very comfortable to sleep in so I grabbed a pair of my sweat pants over. Wait, then I would have to take off her jeans to put this on her.. What do I do? Should I just wake her up? Ok just man up. I unbuttoned her jeans and carefully pulled each pant leg off. I grabbed the sweats and put them on her. I placed her in the spot next to me and placed the blanket over her small body. I decided to go to bed too so I grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom. I got changed and brushed my teeth, I laid down next to her. I closed my eyes about to fall asleep until I felt her arm around my waist and her leg rested on mine. I pulled her closer to my chest and rested her head on my arm. I slowly fell asleep with her right next to me.


Yeah... I'm not sure how I did on writing this. But hoped you liked it anyway.

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