Reasons Why

Have you ever liked someone so much that you'd do anything to get them to notice you? Well 19 year old Cameron has. She's known him since she was little. She's afraid of her emotions. She wants to tell him. But can she? *1D not famous*


1. May I?

Cameron's POV:

I'm nervous. My mother is making me be a bridesmaid for her SECOND wedding! I hate the guy. He's such a liar. Ever since him and mom started dating he's raped me every chance he gets. Now I'll have to live with him! I tried telling mom but she won't listen! I can only talk to Harry, he's my best mate!

I'm in love with him. He doesn't feel the same though. He's dating a girl named Kira. And by the noise, I can tell they're doing pretty good. She's always, "Yeahhhh!!! Uh uh right there Hazza!" Which his my nickname for him! He'll never notice me though.

Harry's POV:

After hardcore sex we had to go to Cams moms wedding. I put on my tux and walked to my seat. Kira was palming me through my jeans hinting for me to "got to the bathroom" and she'd go in a little while after me. I wanted her so bad that I sped walked out of the church. A few minutes later she ran out the door to "check on me" she threw off her dress as she got in the car. I stared at her lingerie. "Damn!" I said biting my lip. She crawled onto me and slowly took down my pants.

The wedding was over before we could start. Everyone was rushing out. We threw our clothes on and I went to talk to Cam.

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