Reasons Why

Have you ever liked someone so much that you'd do anything to get them to notice you? Well 19 year old Cameron has. She's known him since she was little. She's afraid of her emotions. She wants to tell him. But can she? *1D not famous*


2. Is This For Real?!

Harry's POV:

We walked over to talk to Cameron. She looked like she had been crying. "That sluts messed up! Do we really-" Kira whined but I cut her off, "That slut happens to be my best friend! And maybe you should leave!" I exclaimed as I stormed off. I ran to Cameron and gave her the biggest hug ever! She stood there in shock. Her mid-tanned cheeks turning from a light cotton candy pink to a blood red. "W-why did you-uh hug m-me?" I was thinking about it... "We're best friends why wouldn't I?" "Oh..." Cameron's voice trailed off. Does she like me?!

Cameron's POV:

Harry and Kira started arguing about something and then he came over and embraced me in a warm bear-hug. Why? I'm not sure. "W-why did you-uh hug m-me?" "We're best friends..." "Oh" I can't believe how big of an idiot I was!!! Here the hottest, sweetest, most amazing boy has hugged me and I ask why!!! "Well I must get going, bye Hazza!" "Bye"

Later that night:

Harry's POV:

Buzzzz.... Buzzzzz.... Buzzzzz

Cameron's name popped up on the screen.

Um, we'll I'm not exactly sure why I'm telling you this... But Harry Edward Styles, I think I love you. I love everything about you. Inside and out. Your raspy morning voice to your amazing singing voice. I'm in love with you, and all your little things.(what I did there)

Cameron's POV:

I sent Harry a text telling him if my feelings and he's not responding! I shouldn't have- buzzzzz

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