Beautiful Mistake


2. the surprise.

    Hannah's pov

  We walked inside and anthony stood up fastly. "What the hell?" He said! "Anthony calm down, this is hannah my gir-.....friend" I think he was going to say girlfriend. Oh my gosh, HE LIKES ME! "Hmm, fine.." anthony said. Then he mumbled something. Me and ian went to the living room. Ian started laughing. "What?" I asked. "I missed the 'fartroom'" he laughed even harder. "Ian, that's gross" I laughed as I punched his arm playfully. His laugh died down as he went into the kitchen for some food. "Do you want anything to eat?" He asked. "Got any fried chicken" I asked "yea, lemme heat it up" yay! "Dude, ian!" Anthony yelled from another room. "IM MAKIN FRIED CHICKEN, WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Ian called. "Just come here! Both of you!" I got up and walked to the room Anthony was in and Ian followed "what woah!" Ian scrambled across the room to marvel at the new camera Anthony got for him. "You like?" Anthony asked. "Like? I love! Thanks ant!" Ian hugged Anthony and picked up the camera. "Hannah, anthony. I know what we need to do!" He turned the camera in and, just like he had done it before, said "hey guys, welcome to lunchtime with..uhm...smosh? Yea smosh! And uh, friends. This is hannah, and my fellow smosh is Anthony!" What, I'm just a guest? "Whuddup!" Anthony said. Well, it only makes sense, he did buy the camera for him. "So, let's go and get some thai foodz!" Ian said and started running for the phone. He's acting like a totally different person. Not ian, he's always like this. Anthony is, he's being..dare I say it..happy!

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