Beautiful Mistake


3. thai food *boobz*

Ian's pov

  Oh my gosh! Anthony is awesome...wait. "guys I have an idea. Ok so anthony is gonna call and say boobs after every sentence!" I yelled, bahahaha, its perfect. "Okay, gimme da phone!* anthony laughed and called the thai food place. I was glad he was acting so happy. I don't want people to think he's emo or goth. There's nothing wrong with it, but Ant, being goth? Nah, wouldn't work. After anthony called I left to go get the food and left ant and hannah at the house. What could go wrong?!

Anthony's pov

  Gahh, alone with a buzz kill. What could be worse? "Sooo..." she said casually. "Soo.." I said back, I have no idea how to talk to her, she hates me, and more, I hate her. "Do you wanna-" I was interuppted by a phone rining. Ugh, seriously! "Hello?" She answerd. I walked away and only picked up bigs and peices. "Oh no way!" "Awesome!" "Thats perfect! Thanks jess!" Holy shit, was she talking about Jessica? No, she cant be. I've had a crush on her since before i can remember! Play it casual anthony, casual! "Who was that?" I asked, great, I sound like I'm concerned in her life. "Oh, no one. Just Jessica." Just Jessica, she not 'just' someone, she's the one.

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