Beautiful Mistake


5. nows the time.E

Jessi's pov

 God Anthony is adorable. Does he know I like, I think he likes me too. I wish he would ask me out already. Shit, he's looking at me. Aww, he blushed when he noticed I noticed him. What am I even saying. I don't know but it makes sense to me. I sigh at his adorableness. Is that even a word, I don't care. He looks at me then smiles. I rest my head in my hand and wonder what he is thinking right now.

Anthony's pov

 She's s adorable, if only I had the nuts to ask her out. I'm going to. What if she says no? She's gonna say yes. No shes not, why would she say yes to a guy like me. But then again, why should she say no. Cause she doesn't like you. Don't say that. Its true. No its not. Now I'm arguing with myself. I need to stop this and ask her. "Hey, uhm. Jess?" I ask slowly. "Mmhmm?" She replies and I turn t look at her. She isn't paying any attention to me, because she's staring at me. "Jess?" I ask and wave a hand in front kfnher face. "Sorry I was, uhm, thinking." She says and I chuckle. Here goes. "Do you maybe, probably not, perhaps, maybe. Want to go to the movies with me Friday?" I ask. "Uhh, whaaaat?" She asks. Damn it, she is gonna say no! "Nevermind." I say. "Oh" she sounds, dissapointed? I'll try again. "Well, I said. Do you want to go see a movie with me on Friday?" I said again. "Yea, sure. Id love to!" She replies. She seems happy, which makes me happy. I smile and she smiles back. If only she knew how in love with her I am right now.

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