Beautiful Mistake


1. just a regular day...or so I thought

    Hannah's pov

 "Ian wait up!" I called after him. He turned around a flashed me a smile. I fell apart on the inside but kept running twords him. I got beside him and kept running. "RACE YA!" I yelled "THAT IS SO NOT FAIR!" He called after me and started running. His bookbag strap falling with every step he took. Ian me, he's the sexiest man alive. He has a brotherly type frind though, anthony padilla. He's weird and alone all the time. I'm going over to ian's house for a project. "I WIN!" I yelled and climbed into his black infinity car. "Yea whatever, you got a headstart!" He accused. "Because it was my idea." I said, looking him in the eyes. They're a perfect blue. I would look into them forever. But I can't. He climbed into the drivers seat. "Hey hannah, do you wanna go to homecoming with me." I was shocked. "Sure." I said, still shocked. "Great, its not weird for friends to go with each other!" Shit. "Yea, totally." I said. I slumped down in the seat. By this time we were all ready on the interstate. "You ok hannah? You look pale." I sighed. "Yea, just tired." I yawned hoping he'd buy it. "Ok" he did, good. We got to his house and anthony's car was parked outside. "Shit." Ian mumbled. "I promised anthony he could come over today. Do you still wanna come in-" "yea." I interupted. "Oh, sorry." I blushed. "Its fine." He smiled.!!!

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