Beautiful Mistake


4. jess comes over

Hannah's pov

 Yay, jess said she was coming over to Ian's. She said she wanted to surprise Anthony cuz she knew he has a crush on her, and she liked him too. "What'd she say?" Anthony asked. "Oh, nothing. Normal girl stuff." I replied. There was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Anthony said and walked to the door. "Okay" I replied with a giggle. He opened there and there she was.

Anthony's pov

 Why the fuck did she just giggle. Oh well. I opened the door and saw...her. Jess. She was beautiful, her long black hair was straightend and side swooped. She had just put a red streak in it the other day and was wearing a red necklace and shirt to match, also with solid black short shorts. She was cute, too cute. "Hey hannah, okay so I brought some snacks and a-" she stopped talking and looked up. "Oh, hi Anthony." She said, then blushed. "Hey" is all I managed to reply with. I'm such an idiot. "Uhm.." she said. "Oh, come inside." I said and scrambled out of the way. She giggled her perfect laugh and ran inside to hug hannah. "Hey jess, you look nice today, wanna go get lunch sometime. Ugh, idiot!" I mumbled. "What's that?" Jess asked. "Nothing." I said. I'm such a wimp, if only I could tell her how I felt. Just then Ian walked inside. "Hey jess." He said, "want some thai food?!" He asked. "I got extra cause I knew you were coming, hannah texted me." He said. I glared at him and he shrugged. He knows I like her, he could've warned me....god he's an asshole.

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