gone with the fame


1. memories

i remember everything. he was my everything. looking in his eyes sent shivers down my back. but now he is gone with the fame.


my name is Casey i live in Straford, Canada. believe it or not me and Justin were neighbors and best friends ever since we were little. before he became famous we did everything together. i can barely remember i minute that we spent apart. but then he became famous. i was happy yet i knew that he was now a big hit and that i don't even matter anymore. i miss him, i love him.

i wish i didnt remember, i wish i could forget his laugh, his eyes, voice, and the way he made me feel. i wish he would come back to me.



when Justin left i was 14. young right? but i already knew that Justin was perfect for me. and now im 20 still waiting for Justin to come back. ive tried dating other people but none are like Justin. no wonder he is so famous he's perfect. i read all his books i see all his movies but not one that i was mentioned in. i though i meant more to him to just forget about it all. before he left the told me he loved me and one day he would come back. but that was years ago. and im starting to believe that's not true. hes dated many famous beyond gorgeous girls like Selena Gomez, how could i ever end up with Justin now. i wish that he would come back and remember our memories that we shared.


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