gone with the fame


2. make him remember

i was sitting in  room scrolling through my tweets then all of a sudden i noticed that Justin tweeted he was coming back home for a visit. i flipped off my bed like a belieber would and screamed with excitement. Justin is coming back! this is my time to make him remember.


the next morning was Saturday, a big tour truck stopped in front of there house. i watched out of the window  curiously. what if he changed? what if he doesn't like me? what if he doesn't remember me? i put on a cropped top and acid wash high waisted shorts with my white vans. i did 2 coats of mascara, little blush, and lip gloss. i combed my hair and noticed it look terrible do i put on my favorie gray neff beanie. perfect i though as i looked in the mirror. i walked out of the door at around 4 and before i could hesitate i rang the door bell. i felt like running but i kept my feet locked to the ground. i heard footsteps coming closer and closer to the door and felt my hangs get sweaty. 

the door opened and i saw justin for the first time in years. i just stared at him. he looked alot different from before, much taller. i smiled because i noticed i was staring way to long then said hi. 

"hi casey, ive missed you"! he said

holy shit he remember me

 he stepped forward and gave me a hug. it fee him again. i didnt want to let go. but eventually he stepped back. 

"you too" i said back awkwardly.

 he gestured me through the door and i walked in. we walked to thee kitchen to sit down.

"so whats going on" he said, probably wondering why i walked in so out of the blue.

"ive missed u, and so your truck pull in so i wanted to stop by" i said

great now i seem like a stalker

"ive missed you too, we should get nolan, ryan, and chaz all to hang out, ill call you" he said

i nodded my head and smiled.

i went back to my room and layed down on my bed i couldnt help myself from smiling.

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