Our last summer

A girl from the countryside. A boy from New York. How can fate bring these two different people together?


2. Accidentally..

"Why did you do this without asking me?" Joy glared to her father. " I don't need any help at all with the farm, i can take care with these stuff on my own..". Her Father laughed, " Sweety, I know you well, I can see how tired you are everyday. You need some free time and rest, let October help you, just give him a chance, i know you better than that". Joy turned her head to look at the guy. October smiled at her, " Count on me". She let a sigh and then asked her dad: " So, where is he gonna sleep?". " Oh, we have a special guest room, he can sleep there..  Anyway, I'll go to take care of the lilys in the garden outside, if you want anything ,October, ask Joy and she will help you." He said as he was opening the door to go outside.
 "Sooo, um what do you like doing in your free time?" October said, trying to make a conversation. Joy then raised her eyebrow at him, without saying anything, but he could guess that her words were: Really now?". " I-im just trying to get to know you ,as we are gonna be partners..geez.." He put his hand through his hair and then suddenly, his green eyes were shown, just for 3 seconds. Joy felt really weird..she was staring at him with wide opened eyes.. She could feel something weird in her stomache..something like butterflies. "Why are you staring at me like this?". Joy quickly returning back to reality, looked away while saying " Nothing. I'm g-going to sleep. Good night." and she went towards the stairs". "I didn't catch your name yet!" October yelled at her. "It's Joy.." she said and then closed herself to her room.
    Joy jumped on her bed while drowning in her thoughts.. What was that feeling back there? .. Ugh, i don't care, I'm going to sleep anyway, im getting up early tomorrow..

The next day, Joy put on her clothes, let her hair down, as she forgot to catch them in a ponytail like every morning and rushed downstairs. She went outside October's door and knocked. " Hey, wake up we have to go take care of the farm". "No I don't wanna build a snowman, go away" he said as he opened his door while laughing. "What?" Joy stared at him. "Don't you know the movie quote from "frozen"? with the-- ugh nevermind, lets get going.." he said as he put his black jacket on and opened the door. They were silent in all the way to the farm, both looking down, without saying anything..But why? Joy thought..
  " Let's go clean the stable of the horses" ..She said as she put her hands in her waist. "Over there". "What's in there?" October pointed in a little drawer, inside the stable. "N-nothing, its the horse's food, we keep it in there, come help me and just forget it!" Joy stammered, but there was no point, October opened the drawer and took out a flyer. There was drawn amazingly a view of a city at the night, with cars running down and up and shops full of people inside. Up in the right of the paper there were written the following words: One day I will make it and go there "Woah.." October said while looking at all the details. Then Joy quickly took the paper and put it back in the drawer. " What do you think you're doing?! I did not give you the permission to see it I um-" She blushed. " You haven't been to a city before?" October said while looking at her with surprise. "N-no.." she scratched her head. "I haven't ever been to a city and it's my dream to go to one.." she looked down. He then quickly replied " I can take you there! I have a house in New York and we can go there sometime, I can show you the place around and it will be fun for you." Joy's face then brighted " really?!" she smiled but then quickly looked away. " I don't even know you and that's not gonna happen cause im not going with you anyway so come and help me clean around.. And then she left a quiet laugh secretely..
  " Finally we are done! " October sighed. "Yeah, lets go home before--" something stopped then Joy's sentence. Rain was falling heavily and there was no way someone could walk out there  without getting all soaked. "pheew.. I guess we will stay here for a while"..October said nervously. " It's obviously your fault that we didn't finished earlier.. now we are gonna be here.. alone.." Joy looked down while blushing. "What? i think you-- "Nevermind anyway, we will just wait.." She told him and then sat down in the floor near him looking away so she could hide her embarrassment.
It's gonna be a looong time... She thought while bitting her bottom lip.

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