Wizard-born Muggle

A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

"I am Katarina Lucinda Figg. I am 10 years old and I'm a squib."

Lucy is a bit odd. She loves boxes, pranks and Eric the parrot - she also enjoys a good waffle with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. With mom and dad long gone she's now living with her gran' Mrs Arabella Doreen Figg in Little Whinging, Surrey. Join her in the adventures of wizard-born muggle in a world of magic.

English is - unfortunately - not my native language so please bear over with me.

Copyright babble:
I do not own any of the character except Lucy Figg, the rest belong to the amazing author J.K. Rowling to whom I am eternally grateful for writing and not suing me for borrowing some of her absolutely fantastic characters. I made the cover myself but a lot of credit must go out to Grace Yun, who made the font used.


2. Diagon Alley

It had now been almost four months since Harry was enrolled at Hogwarts and lucky for him he was enjoying his new life consirably. From my point of view, life had never been more boring. Living in Little Whinging had always been pretty depressing I guess. I thought that I didn't mind the routines but without someone to share them with it got a bit sad. Of course I could still write Harry telling him about how lonely life in Little Whinging was with him away at Hogwarts but I would feel bad about reminding him that he had to go back once Summer returned... so I kept my mouth shut.

Anyroad, Christmas was knocking on the door and I had convince my gran that I was old enough to go Christmas shopping at Diagon Alley by myself this year. I wanted to get Harry something - I knew that I couldn't exactly give him sugar quills and dungbombs but there was also a lot of "non-magical" cool things to buy in the shops at Diagon Alley also I needed some excuse to go there and fill up my inventory.

So in the morning of Wednesday December 11th 1991 I pack the usuals in my black totebag (I found it among gran's boxes of various rubbish, it's been put under an undetectable extension charm so I will probably never be able to fill it up completely).

Content of black totebag:

1 Advanced Lockpicking Set

7 Various Muggle Firecrackers

1 Lighter

6 Boxes of Dr. Filibuster's Faboulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks

4 Dungbombs

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder (also found in among gran's boxes)

Floo Powder

'Book Of Magical Plants And Their Uses'

'Magic Beasts & Where To Find Them'

3 Slings with various range and strength qualities

Amble supply of round smooth stones for above Slings

1 Snickers bar

2 Packs of Skittles - "Taste the Rainbow"


Preparing myself for the trip I ate a solid breakfast (waffles with strawberry jam and hot cocoa) under supervision from gran and Snowy - who for some reason looked very cross with my choice of beverage. I then went to the fireplace, grabbed a handfull of floo powder and loud and clearly stated, "Diagon Alley". Everything became a fizzy blur and when my vision cleared I was where I wanted to be.

I cherished the times spend visiting Diagon Alley. It was one of the best places on Earth. All the colors, different people and objects made me dizzy with joy. There were all kinds of shops. Shops selling robes, shops selling quills and ink and shop selling things I had never even seen before. You could get practically anything at Diagon Alley. The windows were stacked with dungbombs, hovering brooms, spellbooks, moving plants etc. etc. I could go on forever about the splendid and wonder that was Diagon Alley instead I think I will visit Florean Fortesque's Ice Cream Parlour. Gran and Mr. Florean are exceptionally good friends so he usually gives me free ice cream and allow me to try his newest compositions even if my favourite remained his Chocolate Cream Bacon Sunday (who doesn't love bacon and chocolate?). It still remain a wonder how I am not a 500 pound Squib instead of  a mere 110 pounds - I guess I am just resolutely a skinny person. 

After finishing my Chocolate Cream Bacon Sunday at Florean's I went to visit Rosa Lee Teabag where I bought some a Vanilla and Chamomile tea set for gran. I had it beautifully wrapped and adorned with Forever-Fresh roses. 

Happy with my purchase I wondered about the highways and byways of Diagon Alley and the adjacent streets - keeping a safe distance from Knockturn Alley (I had made an enemy there the last time I visited. Mr. Borgin, shopkeeper of Borgin&Burkes, became crusty after I "accidently" dropped a pack of gigant black spiders inside his shop... what a party pooper). I still had no idea what to get Harry, since any magical object was out of question.

In the end I went to The Leaking Cauldron and exited back to the streets of London. I had an idea of where I was going but  since I am not very good at maps or geography it was a bit of a project. After wandering about for 20 minutes at least I finally found what I was looking for. Firework and New Year's Crackers is a small shop placed in one of the many small adjacent streets in London and they have every kind of firecracker you could wish for - mind you it is strictly muggle firecrackers, but they're actually not that bad (witches and wizard always make it sound like everything muggle is boring and outdated but they do actually have some rather interesting things). I bought Harry the biggest mischief set I could find. It contained everything needed to pull of a badass prank without getting caught. 

After spending 45 minutes finding my way back to The Leaking Cauldron (in my offense I wen't into almost every shop I laid my eyes on out of pure curiosity) I used the Floo Network to get home. Gran was quite cranky about my late arrival but I made her forget it by showing her the beautifully wrapped up present I had bought for her for Christmas. Dinner went fast - spaghetti ravioli - and I quickly ran upstairs to my room and as I had expected Hedwig had already settled in the owl cage awaiting the unidentified owl treats. I quickly threw some over to her in exchange for the letter from Harry.

Dear Lucy

We played our first Quidditch match against Slytherin and we won! It was great and I actually managed to catch the Golden Snitch, can you believe it!? I caught it in my mouth and everyone was cheering (except the Slytherins of course) you should've seen the smug look on the face of Draco Malfoy it was priceless. 

There was a downside though. We have come to believe that Snape is up to something. I overheard him talking to Filch saying he had been attacked by the three-headed dog. And Hermione think that he was casting a curse on my broom during the Quidditch match causing it to behave strange and try and throw me off. After the match we confronted Hagrid who said the three-headed dog is his and that it's named Fluffy. FLUFFY!  And that it is guarding a secret known only to Professor Dumbledore and a man named Nicholas Flamel. Hermione will visit the library tomorrow to find out more.

So Christmas is coming on soon and I'll be staying over at Hogwarts - sorry about that, hope you'll survive another Christmas alone my your gran and the cats. I've sent you a magical present along with this letter. 

Write me soon!


I smiled at the letter when my eyes caught the tiny packaged at Hedwigs feet. I quickly wrote a reply and attached a box containing my gift to Harry. I lookek warily at the big box and then to Hedwig she seemed to sense my doubt and nipped at my finger almost causing me to drop the package. I scowled and secured it to her outstretched leg. She seemed grumpy with having to leave with no rest and the fact that I doubted her ability to carry heavy objects. I gave her a last treat - gaining an approving chirp - before she took off into the night. 


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