I don't even know who i am anymore

Hello my name is angel, I'm 18 years old and living in Australia, it's amazing how one look or one simple hello can change your life for ever


2. my life

Angels pov *5 years ago*

I walked up to the boy that I haven't been able to get out of my head for the past 4 months, everyone is giving me weird looks and I feel really uncomptable.

I walked up to him and say across from him he gave me strange look and his friend got up and left.

"Hello" I said with as much confidence I could "hi" he said "what's your name?" He continued "angel" he looked at me and smirked "zayn" zayn I like that name "why are you here?" He asked me after a few minutes of silence "ohh umm I wanted to talk to you?" It came out more like a question he just chuckled.

"What's your story?" I ga no I des what he was talking about "what do you mean?" I asked him "well you've been here for 4 months and have never talked to anyone and than all of a Sidon you come and talk to me?" I had no idea how to reply to that but than the bell went SAVED BY THE BELL!!!! "Here's my number call me sometime and we can get to know each other" he said be fore he walked away.

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