Belle didn't want this to happen, she never wanted any of this to happen none of it but it did. You see no matter how hard you pray to the gods bad things will always happpen and for poor Belle, bad things are all that seem to happen.


1. The start

"Adam, Adam please don't go, i can't do it without you" Belle cried her in blood sodden hands, praying that by a miracle Adam would jump back up and tell her exactly what to do but she knew no matter how much she cried, prayed and screamed his name, he was gone. Her only friend in this god forsaken world was dead, and there was no bringing him back.

Slowly, Belle began to stand up, Belle didn't know whether to run or try to hide Adams body, all she did know that Adam would want her safe. So with that thought, she looked around for the nearest place she could hide. There wasn't much of a choice just a few rocks and bushes but even then the killer of Adam would probaly find her so she decided to take what she had.

As she quickly jumped behind the biggest bush, she made sure she could not be seen by the monster or monsters that had killed Adam. She didn't know what did it but the marks they had left behind made her pretty sure it was a hardle pack.

 A few months ago her and Adam had faught one, it was late in the night when they had gone in the forest and had got lost. Shortly after, they stumbled across a hardle on its own but even then that one was weak from lack of food and if it wasn't for Adam killing the monster, it would be her dead, not Adam. She began to think whether that night Adam made the wrong choice and if he should've just left her there to die. The question ran through her mind for a while even though deep down she knew why Adam didn't leave her.

A little while after Belle began to hear the distant screams of the pack and soon after they all burst through the trees running towards Adam lifeless body. Once all of the pack was there, the leader began to examine the body. After he was certain he was pleased with the killing, he allowed the pack to dig into the remains of the corpse.

By time the pack had left, night had fallen and Adams corpse was no where to be seen. The only sound for miles was Belles heavy breathing, and with her aching feet she began to walk. She didnt really know why she was bothering, without adam she knew she would be lost. She had nothing to protect her but her witts. But saying that he did always say she was the smartist girl he had ever met and that one day her witts will be both the saviour and killer of people. Of course Belle never took him seriously, why would she? She had no reason to kill or hurt people and she never thought she would. That was until the Favern was opened.


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