I Am Number 7

Vary is just another teenager who goes to a simple highschool. She has these tattoos that she was born with. She doesn't realize what or who she is until number 3 and 9 come into her life. Aliens from different planets are coming to kill her species.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

I grabbed my books for last period. But than my phone began to throw a fit. My mother was calling me. "Yeah?" I asked as I stopped in front of my last class. "Don't come home. Don't go to a friends. You have to run!" My mother shouted into the phone. What in the world? I heard her scream on the other end. I instantly dropped all of my books and felt my feet carry me home. Wind blew in my hair revealing my face. "Shit!" I yelled. It feels like I'm going slower each step I take. I pounded my legs harder. It didn't do very much. I stopped and dropped to my knees. There's no hope. She's probably dead by now. I let out a scream of hurt. A big ripple of air was thrown upward away from me. Did I ...? No I couldn't have. I shook my head and slowly stood up. My tattoos burned as a circle formed on my lower leg. This has been happening for a while. What does it mean? It hurts! I fell down clutching my leg waiting for the pain to go away. "Hey!" I looked up as a brunette male came running over to me. "You're one of me!" He shouted with great joy. "Leave me alone!" I staggered to my feet. "Oh c'mon don't be like that! You're a Power." He trailed behind me. But I waved him away. "Where are you going?" He asked as I limped my way home. "Somewhere safe." I heard him laugh at my answer. "Being who we are; there is no where safe." He patted my back. "I don't even know you!" I almost screamed. But I didn't because I was too afraid that the ripping lay wind would come back. "What Number are you?" He asked as he examined my tattoos. "Number?" I stopped and looked at him. "Do you have a tattoo of a number?" I nodded my head at his question. I lifted up my shirt releaving my flat stomach. A number 7 lay printed next to my belly button. "You're.... You're number seven." He said in shock. "No, my name is Vary." I growled. What is wrong with this guy? He got on one knee and bowed at my feet.

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