Neon Lights Jason McCann fanfiction

did you think you'd ever fall in love with someone so dangerous?
There was this sweet innocent girl..
her name was Kate.
she works on a daycare

What happens when she meets him..
Jason McCann
the heartless boy who has no emotion

she tries to find the real him
the boy who loves and cares

What will happen if she tries to change him
will he let her ?
Will he just push her away ?
Or will he just use her ?

Read and find out !
(sorry for any spelling mistakes)


5. Chapter 3

Kate's P.o.v

I can't get this boy out of my mind

he is driving me crazy


there is something wrong with this boy i can feel it

Does he have parents ?

Why would he move somewhere alone with his siblings ?


(Okay maybe i'm just paranoid but there is something wrong with him)


I'll find it out in one way or another

Maybe i'll get to know him


(I'd love to i mean who wouldn't ? He is smoking hot ;) )

And his siblings are going to the daycare where i work maybe they can tell me something about him


Okay maybe i'm begin a little bit noise but just a little bit....(maybe a lot)

But i can't help it this is me i have to know everything


i'm just going to go to bed 

i hope tomorrow is going to be a good day.



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