Neon Lights Jason McCann fanfiction

did you think you'd ever fall in love with someone so dangerous?
There was this sweet innocent girl..
her name was Kate.
she works on a daycare

What happens when she meets him..
Jason McCann
the heartless boy who has no emotion

she tries to find the real him
the boy who loves and cares

What will happen if she tries to change him
will he let her ?
Will he just push her away ?
Or will he just use her ?

Read and find out !
(sorry for any spelling mistakes)


3. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Kate's P.o.v.

*Next Moning*

I felt a bright shine on my face and i slowly woke up.

It is a nice warm day outside and the birds were tweeting

i got up and went to the kitchen

my stomach was making noises and i was hungry

I looked in the fridge but didn't find anything


'Time to go food-shopping' i thought


I went to my bedroom and changed my clothers

i got my skinny jeans on with a white top and a dark red hoodie with some chucks

i went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth

after i did my bussines i went outside and got in my car


after a 10 min ride in my car to the market i went in

I got a basket and looked through the products

while i was looking at the milk in my hands i bumped into someone

"O-oh my god..i-im so sorry " i said while helping the boy on the ground up

"It's fine" he said and chuckled lightly

i blushed in emberassment and shyly looked on the ground


"I'm Jason..Jason McCann and you are..?" he saked

"Oh eh..Kate..Kate Summers" I said and lokked into his hazel brown eyes

i think i was lokking to long at him becaus he begun to laugh

"Oh I-I am so sorry I- didn-" i was trying to apologize but he cut me of

"It's fine i mean if i were you i would be starring at me too" he said cocky

I rolled my eyes and went away from him


i went to the ice-cream and saw that he was still following me

"Why are you following me ?"

"Hey i am not following you i wanted to buy ice-cream too !" he said and did a snobby face

i just rolled my eyes and got some strawberry ice cream


"Sooo Kate right ? I am new here and i wanted to ask you if you can show me the places around here " He said and made a funny face

"Well mrs. i would love to but i have a jub at a day care but wait did you just say you are new here ?" i asked maybe he is my new neightbour

"Yeah i am staying at a place around here near a daycare with my siblings " he said

"omg.. you are my new neightbour are jaxon and jazzy your siblings ?" i saked

"Yeah how do you know ?" He said and frowed his eyebrows
"Well i am one of the workers there"

"Oh ! so you are Jaxon's girlfriend well not for long anymore" he said , winked and walked away


i stood there dumbfounded


"Hey what do you mean !?" i shouted after him

"see you soon baby" he said and went outside this made my knees soft

I ignored it and bought my things and went outside too

i looked everywhere but i couldn't find him

i shook it of and went home


'This boy is something'


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