Neon Lights Jason McCann fanfiction

did you think you'd ever fall in love with someone so dangerous?
There was this sweet innocent girl..
her name was Kate.
she works on a daycare

What happens when she meets him..
Jason McCann
the heartless boy who has no emotion

she tries to find the real him
the boy who loves and cares

What will happen if she tries to change him
will he let her ?
Will he just push her away ?
Or will he just use her ?

Read and find out !
(sorry for any spelling mistakes)


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kate's p.o.v

'Baby if they look up at the sky'

'We'll be shootin' stars just passing by'

'You'll be coming home with me tonight'

'We'll burning up Neon Li-'

I slammed my alarm and groaned


'A good way to start my day right'

I Thought sarcastically

I got off  my bed

and went to the bathroom.


The first thing i did was showering

I smelled like hell


Note to me :

Never make a skunk angry


Yeah i said skunk yesterday at the daycare me and the kids were at a park and well they saw a skunk and tried to chase him..

The skunk was ready to spray his...well smell to them but i got in front of the kids and yeah you can imagine the rest.


I should introduce myself


Hey My name is Kate Summer

I'm 21 years old and love begin with kids thats why i work in a daycare


I have nothing really interesting in my life the only thing that you will know in the first 5 minutes that we met is I'm very clums and well akward

but I still love my life I have nothing against it

In time i was done with showering and now i 'm blow drying and brushing my long black wavy hair

Yeah i love my hair and i don't like to cut it but i love to dye it


my eyes are blue too they're like ice...not deep blue they're almost white


And I'm not very tall Im Like 5'4


I was looking though my wadrobe for something to wear

i deicided to wear a top a hoodie and a jeans with white convers since it was nice outside

I don't like much make up so just put a little bit mascara and eyliner on my eyes

I got my bag and went to my car


Like 15min later i was at the daycare


I got out of my car and went inside the building


"Good Morning Kate"

"Good Morning josh" i said and went to our little playground

Josh was one of the workers here he was also one of my bestes friends


I opened the door to the playground and saw the kids playing

Some girls were playing with dolls

some boy were playing with cars

and some were just drawing


"KATEEEE" I saw the little Mila running to me while she was screaming

As soon as she was by my side she gave me a big bear hug

"Mila" I said

"I've missed you so much" she whispered and gave me a small kiss on my right cheek

"I've missed you too but We saw each other yesterday" i said giggling

"Too long for me" she said and smiled she was so cute

she had short but not too short brown wavy hair and big blue eyes she was like a little model

I picked her light body up and placed her on my waist


"Let's go to Carly okay ?" I asked her

She nodded and giggled lighly

"Hey Carly what's up" I said and sat on the couch with Mila on my lap

"Oh hey Kate nothing much" she answered

"You are boring Carly" i said while i trickeled Mila

"Oh and you are not ?" she said and laughed

"No I'm not i have things to do in my life" I said proud

"Like what" she asked with an 'are you kidding me-look'

" uhh.."

"Yeah uhh i know you are as boring as me" she said


As i was going to agure back

Josh came in

"Hey everyone attention please" he said getting ou atteintion

"We have 2 new kids here..this is jazzy" he said while pointing to a small little beautiful girl

"-and this is Jaxon" he countined while pointing to a little blonde cute guy

"They're new and we want them to feel welcome so please play with them to" he said and leaved the kids.


I slowly got up and put Mila on the couch

"Hey guy I'm kate" i introduced myself and gave them my hand to shake it

"Hi I'm Jazzy Bieber and this is my little brother Jaxon Bieber" she said and shook my hand cutely

"So this is Jaxon " I said and looked at the little boy next to her


he was very shy i could tell but he slowly came up to my and hugged me

"Yout-awe soo pwetty" he said and giggled

"Awe omg you are a little flirty boy i think i just fell in love with you" i said and kissed his cheek

He blushed and said


"Do youw want to bwe my giwlfwiend ?"

"Isn't that too soon i mean we only know each other like 10 min" i said joking

He looked like he was about to cry


"No-no J-jaxon don't cry i want too be your Girlfriend" i said and kissed him all over the face

He began too giggle and this was when I knew what he did

"You little are a smart kid"

He just giggled and kissed my lips

I was shocked

"Oh my..Jaxon ! You can't just kiss me"

"But youw awe my giwlfwiend !" he protested back

"Okay but never do that again" i said

He nodded and went to play with the cars


Like 4 hour later i was going to go home

"Bye Jazzy bye Jaxon bye Mile BYE CARLY" I said

"Bye Kate " they said toghether

 I got in my car and drove home

I parked the car and saw that I had new neightbours

I had the feeling that someone was watching me

I shook it off and went inside

'what a crazy day' i thought





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