Taylors sister (magcon fanfiction)

Vanessa Caniff is Taylor Caniffs sister. What happens when all the magcon boys stay at Vanessa and Taylors house for a few months what will happen


1. the wake up call

HEY YALL how u doing bae.  Im Vanessa Caniff. Yea the Taylor Caniffs sister. we have this prank war going on. He always steals we bandanas! he steals them and thats like his symbol. THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!!! Annoying brother. anywaysss the magcon boys are going to be staying with us for a few months. ERMAGOD OHMYLORD im only 13! Hayes is going with the boys tho. so i have Blonde hair and bright blue eyes, brighter than Nashes eyes, sucker... I am captain of the cheer squad a dancer and gymnast. i forgot im a youtuber and have more subscribers than Nash. I collab with the o2l guys all the time. im a total white girl lol. and i live with taylor. This house more like mansion is a mess except for my room which has a hot tub. im the best. 


This morning i woke up to HOT STARBUCKS GETTING POURED ON MY HEAD!!! i yelled some colorfulwords at Taylor than ran down stairs. he quickly followed. he followed me into the kitchen and i cracked two eggs on his head. He through milk. So that resulted in a food fight. An hour later and a trashed kitchen later, the doorbell rang. He ran and got it. A second later like 9 teenage boys walked into the kitchen and looked at me taylor then the mess. I then decided to get more payback at Taylor so, i made this huge mug of starbucks filled it with coffee opened the cabinet grabbed my pepper spray at looked behind me everyone except Taylor was confused. He. Looked. Petrified. i walked over poured the steaming hot coffee on him pepper sprayed him grabbed his wallet took out 200 dollars and walked away. I then remembered my phone in the kitchen. CRAP. i sprinted into the kitchen and the stood there loaded with food. I acted so scared i walked up to Taylor he had myy phone i took the phone and he smack camed me. I decided to be really mean so i pretended to fall unconsious. the boys rushed over and looked terrified My bff Jordan borsted through her bedroom door Yeah she lives here. She laughed really hard. You guys still on that prank war? she said Yep i said i got up and walked away. Me and Jordan walked up to my room.We decided to go in the indoor pool. We put on our bikinis on. When we got down there Tayylor and his friends were there. Taylor was wearing my bandana... TAYLOR! i yelled. 

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