I'm no Cinderella. But my stepmom is definitely old, ugly, and totally rude to me. I'm no princess, but I'm waiting patiently for my Prince Charming..


1. FaceTiming Harry

'Christina's POV'

I sat alone in my room. Ugh. Prom is tomorrow and my fucking step-mom is making me sit facing the wall, bored out of my mind.

-Ping Ping- went my phone.

I turned around, checked if my mother was watching me like a hawk.

She wasn't, but just in case I crawled around the floor like a freakin ninja to the bed, where my iPhone 5s was lying. The message was from 'HOTTIE CANT HANDLE😍'

"Oh, Harry," I thought. The message read:


Hey Chrissy, wondering if you want to hang today?

-hazza 😛


I quickly replied to Harry's text, my fingers running against the keyboard on the lit up screen.


Hey hazza, it's Chrissy. Sorry, can't hang today. My stupid fricken mom is grounding me until tomo. We can snapchat or FaceTime?

-Chrissy 😛😛😛


My screen lit up:

'HOTTIE CANT HANDLE😍' is calling you.

I immediately answered, and Harry's beautifully amazing face popped up on my screen. He smiled, his beautifully white teeth showing. And those dimples, oh Harry's dimples are just so-WAIT. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING CHRISSY?! WHY ARE YOU..?!UGH

"Um.. Chrissy?"


"Did you hear me?"

"Oh.. Haha um ... No.."

"Okay.. Well.." Harry trailed off, and suddenly his thumbs were really interesting.

"Well..?" I say.

"Oh yeah.. Want me to pick you up tomorrow? And what are you wearing?"

"Sure harry, and I can't tell you until tomorrow!" I say teasingly.

"Well, nice talking Chrissy, I have to go now."

"Kay, bye!" I say with a smile.

"Bye!" He says, also smiling.

After I no longer could see Harry's beaut face, i whispered "I love you."

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