Our Secret

They say the best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one, but what happens for Rayne Strotter when keeping a secret is all she can do. Stressed out and confused by what life has thrown her way, she decides to follow her heart and take the risk for love with Louis Tomlinson. The only problem is getting caught, but sneaky is Rayne's middle name.


6. Where Have You Been?

Rayne's POV

It's been a week since the night Tessa had Louis over for dinner. After our make out session on my bed, he walked downstairs and left before any questions could be asked. I locked myself in my room and smiled stupidly all night thinking about Louis, my new boyfriend. Although, he hadn't officially asked me to be his girlfriend, we already took each other we are in love with one another. I think that's as close to being in a relationship that there is. Speaking of him, I'm getting a call from him right now. I snatch my phone up from my bedside table and push talk. 

" Hey Handsome", I say.

" Hey Beautiful. So, I was just thinking about you and all of a sudden I was like... Hmmm.. I know nothing about my girlfriend other than she is super stubborn, is a great liar, and looks sexy in about anything she wears.. or doesn't wear".

" What are you trying to say?', I ask. At this point I'm smiling from ear to ear just taking in every word that comes through the phone. 

" I think what I'm trying to say is that I need to see you", he explains.

" Well I suppose if you must..", I say all dramatically. 

" I know you want to see me too, let's just pass this hard-to-get phase of the relationship" he adds laughing slightly.

" It's as if you can read my mind!", I say giving off a girly little laugh through the phone. 

" So I was thinking, would you let me pick you up tonight... say 7?", he asks sweetly. 

" Hmmm... let me check my calendar", I press my phone down into my bed fro a couple seconds, pretending to be checking my "calendar". "Well, it looks like I'm free that night, you're very lucky.", I respond.

" Yes I am."

" So, where are we going?", I ask my curiosity peaking. 

" It's a surprise."

" I hate surprises."

" Trust me. You'll like this one.", he says with complete confidence. 

" We'll see."

Two Hours Later

Since my parents have always been not much of night people at all, as I sneak down the stairs at 7:05, they are fast asleep up in  their bedroom. I'm not exactly sure where Tessa is, but she's not in sight, so I take that chance. I reach for the handle of the front door and turn it slowly. 

"Where are you going looking like that?", the familiar voice echos from our dark living room.

" Umm... I'm going over to Jen's for the night.", I say looking down at my outfit that's way too fancy just to be going to my friend's house. I am wearing a deep blue knee length dress with three simple buttons going down the front. My hair has just the perfect curl to it with a full blown make up job and my strappy little sequin purse. Don't forget my black flats slipped on my feet. 

" Are you sure about that?"

" Yes... how would I not be sure?", In this situation, lying comes really hard for me. 

" Who's the guy?"

" What are you talking about?", I say looking around just to make sure she can't like see his car parked outside or anything crazy like that. 

" Obviously there's a guy because you're acting really strange. Don't worry, I won't tell mom... just go have fun and I expect you to tell me all about it when you come home"

" Thanks...", I murmur through quiet lips. 

Then, I turn my back and find myself in our driveway with Louis's car parked a couple houses down just to keep things easier. 

" Wow.. my baby is sexy", Louis says leaning up against his car in my neighbors parking lot. He looks extremely sexy in his casual pose with his arms crossed leaning on the hood of his car. He helps me into the passenger side of the car and off we go. Far from my house to an Unknown place. 

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