Our Secret

They say the best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one, but what happens for Rayne Strotter when keeping a secret is all she can do. Stressed out and confused by what life has thrown her way, she decides to follow her heart and take the risk for love with Louis Tomlinson. The only problem is getting caught, but sneaky is Rayne's middle name.


2. This is What a First Kiss Should Feel Like

Louis's POV

I really didn't get it. She turned me down before I could even blink an eye. There was something different about her. Something I'd never seen in a girl before, but I couldn't figure it out. I am going to figure it out before the night is over, that's one thing I'm certain of.


Rayne's POV

I honesty didn't understand him. He was sweet, caring, and over the top charming, nothing like any boy I'd ever met before (I've met quite a few guys in my teenage years...) There was something diverse about him, but I couldn't figure it out. Of course, I'd never admit this to him. Tonight I play hard to get. 


"Rayne! Get your ass over here! Were playing truth or dare!" Carter, one of my friends from school yells at me from the room next to the one I'm into. 

"Fine!", I shout back as I tip the rest of my drink into my mouth and swallow. I can't imagine what face I made after taking a gulp of that liquor. I can feel the burning sensation linger around in my stomach. 

I pace over to the next room that is packed with people setting up to play truth or dare. I see Carter right away, more drunk than I've ever seen her. There are a couple more people I recognize from school: Rhett Taymor, Everly Bancroft, Niall Horan, Luna Fletcher, Harry Styles, Landon Coppens, Liam Payne, Ryanne Fosters, and ... LOUIS! 

" Hey Rayne!", Carter basically screams into my ear. She is full blown drunk. I watch her walk over to give me a hug and trip into my arms, I luckily catch her and help stabilize her. Carter has always been friendly, but never this friendly. We have never hugged each other to greet one another. 

" Carter.. can you tell me how many drinks you've had?", I say to her feeling like I'm talking to my 3 year old cousin. 

"I don't know like... this many", she says holding up 10 of her fingers.

" YOU HAD TEN?!? TELL ME YOU DIDN'T HAVE TEN!", I whisper scream to her.

" What's the matter with you? I'm fine!", Carter says stroking my face in a weird way. 

" Why don't you just sit down", I respond setting her on a chair where everyone else is seated just talking in a large group "and don't move."

" Finally. What took you so long, Strotter?", Rhett asked being his usual smart-assy self.

" I didn't think I'd have to babysit tonight", I say pointing to Carter's already passed out body right next to me.

" If you want, I can babysit you tonight.", Rhett said winking at me.

" I'm sober, Rhett", I say. 

" Meaning?...", he questioned. 

" Meaning that I'd never be stupid enough to let you touch me", I spit back.

Rhett was the guy who took my virginity. I was 15 and drunk and stupid. He took complete advantage of me when I was smashed. I don't remember much about that night, but I do remember waking up tangled up in his sheets with my bare body up against his. To this day, he will never leave me alone about it.

" You sure weren't thinking that two years ago.", he exclaimed. 

" Would you just stop.", I say demanding, looking around to see everyone in the room listening to our whole conversation, especially Louis who has a stern look on his face. 

" Please Rhett touch me there", he says imitating me and running his hand up my thigh uncomfortably. I slap his hand away and turn around swiftly, feeling like I could burst out in tears any second.

" I'd slap you, but that would be animal abuse", I claim not even turning around to see what his face looks like. By insulting him, I feel a little better especially because I can hear everyone turn to him and say "burn". I still don't feel anywhere near okay. 

That's when it's too much for me to take. I start sobbing, not the kind of crying you do after watching a sad movie, the kind of crying where you simply can't stop after you start. I walk down a narrow hallway where no one will find me and slid my back down the wall until I'm sitting on the tile floor with my knees tucked as close to my chest as they can. 

All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder and I look up to see the one and only Louis Tomlinson starring down at me with a concerned look on my face. 

" Is this spot taken?", he points down the a spot right next to me on the floor. 

I don't say anything, but he sits down anyway. I try to clean myself up a little bit by wiping the tears off my face with the back of my hand, but that only makes it worse. Now my mascara is smeared under, over, and next to my eyes. Damn it.

" What are you even doing here?", I spit out looking at Louis. 

" Just making sure you're okay...", he adds starring at me with his irresistible blue eyes.

" Well I'm not, so you can leave now..", I say being stubborn. 

" Why are you doing this?", he asks me looking right into my eyes. He always stares right into my eyes and it makes me feel self conscious.  

" Why are you doing this?... you don't even know me..." I respond back with another question, not even bothering to answer his.

" But I do. You're Rayne Strotter. Stubborn as hell. Tall beautiful brunette with the prettiest eyes you've ever seen. Damaged. Broken. Shattered, but Strong, Independent, and Absolute all at the same time. You're Rayne Strotter, the most beautiful girl I've seen", he says reaching a hand to wipe a single tear drop off my face. I let him touch me because it feels okay after everything he just said to me. I even let him start to lean in closer to me. 

Before I know it, we are kissing. It is something I've never experienced before. It's slow, passionate, and amazing. If I could, I would stop time in this moment and keep replaying it over and over. This is what a first kiss should feel like. 


Just a heads up: I'm planning on publishing a new chapter EVERY DAY! Be expecting some really crazy, amazing, long, fun-filled Chapters in the next few days! 

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- Jada Andrews  





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