Our Secret

They say the best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one, but what happens for Rayne Strotter when keeping a secret is all she can do. Stressed out and confused by what life has thrown her way, she decides to follow her heart and take the risk for love with Louis Tomlinson. The only problem is getting caught, but sneaky is Rayne's middle name.


5. Our Dinner Date

Louis's POV

I was pretty nervous to meet my new girlfriend's parents. I mean, we've only been dating for a week now. I met Tessa at the grocery store, as weird as it sounds. I was stocking up on food with my best mate, Harry when we both stopped in our tracks to look at the drop dead gorgeous girl that just walked by. Harry dared me to go up and talk to her and leave with her number. I guess she found me just as irresistible as I found her. We have been going on dates every night since. Tessa is one of the most special girls on the planet, but I started feeling guilty about everything when Rayne called me earlier this evening and I couldn't help myself from flirting with her. She seemed in a bad place, so I was just trying to cheer her up and I think I did my job. 

I pulled up to the driveway I had been picking Tessa up from for the past few nights and walked slowly up to the front door. I held a huge bouquet of roses in my hand, ready to give them to my beautiful girl. I felt nerves surge through every bone in my body as I tapped on the front door. The door was flung open to display a very gorgeous Tessa wearing a short dress that showed off her tan, thin, and long legs. I couldn't help but smile at her. Then, I saw her...... Rayne... she was standing in their kitchen in a dress that took my breath away. My face must have priceless when I saw Rayne. 

"Everyone this is Louis Tomlinson, my boyfriend", Tessa said loud enough for her parents and Rayne to hear.


Rayne's POV

Louis's face was priceless when he saw me, but I can't imagine what my face looked like. Most of all, I was angry at him, but even more I was angry at myself for finally letting someone into my life and feeling good about it. Emotions swept over me like a wave to a beach, washing me away. For the time being, I didn't even want to look at him, but definitely not say a word to him. In fact, I wanted to turn around and run up to my room and lock my door for the rest of the night. The only thing from stopping me from doing that is him getting satisfaction out of my pain. I wasn't going to let him get the best of me. Instead, I was going to act like a complete, full-on bitch the rest of the night. 

Louis ushered in uncomfortably and handed the flowers to my sister who kindly took them and grabbed a vase down from our pantry to put them in water so they didn't die. They were lovely flowers, roses, my favorite. That didn't matter , though, he didn't bring them for me. 

" Louis these are my parents, mom and dad this is Louis, the guy I have been telling you about", Tessa says watching as they shake hands so formally. 

" Louis, this is my younger sister Rayne, Rayne this is Louis", Tessa explains. Louis reaches his hand out like I will actually take it. There is no way I am touching his hand, over my dead body. 

After starring at his hand outstretched to me for a couple seconds, Tessa cleared her throat in the most annoying way possible to try and get me to cooperate. If she only knew. She didn't deserve this jack ass and neither did I . I turned around and simply walked away to the next room over, not caring if Tessa hated me at the moment. I walked in to the dining room to clear my head for a couple minutes. A couple minutes turned into a couple seconds because my mom came rushing in carrying a huge pot of her famous chicken followed by glasses, plates, and silverware. Mom had brought out our really nice dishes that we only use on really special occasions such as Christmas and my birthday. I guess we use it when cheating, lying, bastards come to dinner too. 

" Dinner's ready!", my mom yelled so that everyone could hear it. 

I sat at the end of our table, hoping Louis would find a way to be the farthest from me, but when Louis and Tessa came walking into our dining room hand in hand, Louis ended up being right next to me. Of course, Tessa was closest to him, actually basically on top of him. I could see his hand resting on her upper thigh and it made me want to vomit chunks all over the both of them. Then my parents took a seat right next to each other on the table smiling as if nothing in the world could be wrong. Boy, were they wrong. 

"Let's say grace", my mom suggested taking my hand and dad's hand.I had totally forgot that we say grace every night and when we say grace, we hold hands. No way was I touching his hand.. Who knows where that thing has been! Everyone began holding hands and then Louis held his out for me to take and finally after me giving him a stare-glare for a couple seconds, he grabbed my hand rather aggressively and gave me a fake grin. We said grace and began eating mom's home cooked meal which was amazing, but I don't expect anything else because my mom used to be a chef for many years and went to cooking school for a couple years. 

" This meal is amazing, Mrs. Strotter", Louis said politely, making me gag in my mouth a bit.

" Oh, Well, Thank you. And you can call me Ann", mom replied smiling. 

" So Louis, tell me, Where are you planning to go to college?", my dad said making small talk like every parent should know how to do. 

" I was actually planning on staying back for a year or maybe two to help my dad out in the shop. My eventual plan is to go to college to become a engineer. ", Louis commented.

I rolled my eyes, already sick of hearing his fake voice. I didn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth anymore. How could I?

" What's wrong with you, Rayne", Tessa said sternly obviously seeing my excessive eye rolling whenever Louis said something. 

" Nothing. You know, You just have fun with your perfect dinner and your perfect boyfriend. I'm sorry that I ruined it for you!", I say pushing my seat out and throwing my napkin from lap, not looking back to see their faces, but running up to my room instead. I was done. I was not going to play the part of a supporting younger sister. 

Louis's POV

I'm going to go check on her, I think", Tessa said getting up to leave the table.

" No, no. Let me do it. I have a little sister a home. I know what to do", I said instead getting up and walking off, not caring how weird that sounds. I needed to see her. I crushed her and I messed everything up with me and Rayne and possibly me and Tessa too. How could things go so wrong? I had never been to their upstairs before, so I wasn't sure where Rayne's room was, but It wasn't hard to tell where the crying was coming from. 

Rayne's POV

I sobbed and I didn't care. He ruined me. He ruined my sister. I was an ugly crier and when I started, it was almost impossible to stop, but I forced myself to knock it off. I wasn't going to cry over that asshole. I blew my runny nose in some tissues and wiped my eyes with the backs of my hands. I was so glad I had decided to not wear mascara tonight. I still looked pretty good. My hair was perfectly straight and my dress was still doing it for me. I was still Rayne Strotter. 

I heard a knock on my door, knowing my mom or Tessa must have hurried after me when I blew up in front of everyone like that. It was so unlike me of a thing to do. I didn't say anything like " come in" or " the doors opened" , but someone came sauntering in, but it wasn't my mother or Tessa like I expected. It was Louis... unbelievable.

" GET OUT OF MY ROOM! JUST GET OUT!", I screamed at him. 

" Please, Rayne, Just hear me out!", he spat back seriously.

" What do you have left to say?... That you're sorry? because I don't wanna hear it!", I add angry at him. 

He starts walking closer to me, and I want to slap him or punch him or cause him as much pain as he caused me. 

" Rayne, I thought you left. I thought you would never call me. I thought you didn't care about me, that you moved on, so I tried my best to do the same.Then, I met Tessa and everything changed. I really liked her and for some reason she liked me too. Before I knew it, she was asking me to come over and meet her family. I didn't forget about you, the whole time all I thought about was you and I wanted you to call me back more than anything. I was just trying to get over you even though I knew that wasn't possible. You made me fall in love with you in just a short 24 hours, Rayne. I still am in love with you."

" You can't do this. You can't come in here and pretend like everything's okay , because it's far from it!", I shout back not ready for him to put another spell over me with his words. He should really be an author or a motivational speaker. 

" Rayne. I was going to break up with Tessa as soon as you called me because talking to you again gave me life. You are the one I want to have beside me. It's not like it's my fault that I didn't know you two were sisters. You haven't been perfectly honest with me either! You don't live in that big house on Comet Street. Why did you lie about where you live?", he asked throwing the question directly at me.

" The truth is I was embarrassed. I didn't want you to know I lived in a crappy house and I'm nowhere close to rich. My parents always look for the best deals and don't buy things if they aren't completely necessary. I don't live like you, Louis.", I say feeling better after getting that off my chest.

" I never cared about what you lived like. I don't care how much money you have or what kind of car you drive. I'm in love with you for your personality and how stubborn you are and when you smile, your dimples pop out right there and there", Louis says touching my face gently. 

I took in all his words, thinking about how much I'd hated him a couple minutes ago compared to now. I wasn't even mad at him anymore. I understood what he did and why he did it. I would have done the same thing. It didn't make it okay, but I was willing to overlook his mistakes because lord knows how many mistakes he's looked over already in me. It made me feel special inside to know Louis was in love with me. The crazy thing was, I might have been in love with him too. I was so glad I had let Louis explain himself or else he would never be in m,y life. 

" Can I say something crazy?....... I think I'm in love with you too", I say smiling like crazy at him. He is now sitting on my bed, only inches apart, looking deeply into my eyes.

" Can I say something even crazier?........ Kiss me", he added a little seductively. 

I follow his orders by taking a hold of his shirt and pulling him on top of me. We smash our lips together like we haven't seen each other in years. He is such an amazing kisser that I could kiss him all day, everyday if I could.  Everything is romantic when it comes to Louis. He is my forever and always. The only problem was Tessa, I had no idea how to tell her with out crushing her feelings and making her hate me forever. It wouldn't be easy. 

I smiled on his lips to let him know we were going to be able to do this because if it's meant to be, it will. 


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