Our Secret

They say the best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one, but what happens for Rayne Strotter when keeping a secret is all she can do. Stressed out and confused by what life has thrown her way, she decides to follow her heart and take the risk for love with Louis Tomlinson. The only problem is getting caught, but sneaky is Rayne's middle name.


7. Now & Forever

Rayne's POV

"Lou, I just feel so bad for having to sneak around like this... especially because it would hurt my sister if she found out", I say.

Louis still hasn't given me the slightest hint about where he is taking me. All I know is that one of his hands rests on my inner thigh and I am distracted by it. My city looks so beautiful at night with all it's lights. I never noticed this until now as Lou takes multiple turns, leading us to our destiny. 

" Don't you worry your pretty little head about it. I will take care of it. All I know is that I want to be with you more than anything. I will do whatever it takes for that to happen.", he replies, taking his eyes off the road for a slight second so he can give me a short but sweet peck on the lips. 

" So where are you taking me?", I ask again, knowing I won't get a real answer, but I try anyway because I'm stubborn. 

" Here."

Louis puts on his blinker, turns, and finds a parking spot in the middle of nowhere. I shouldn't say no where, but it looked to be a deserted park with rusty old swings, and broken slides, but off to one side was a massive oak tree and then a simple, but pretty bridge. It was almost too much to take in at once. 

" What is this place?"

He cuts off the engine and runs around his car to open up my car door like a gentlemen. I question why I dressed up so much if all were doing is hanging out in some sketchy park in some sketchy neighborhood. 

" This is where I go when I want to be alone." Lou mumbles.

" If it's a secret, then why are you showing it to me?", I ask.

" It feels like you're the only person in my life I can trust right now."

" You can always tell me absolutely anything." 

Louis grabs onto my hand and pulls me to the extravagant bridge. His hands are warm. I get a feeling of safety when his hand is interlocked with mine. 

" This is the bridge" 

I look around closely at the wood and realize it's not just a bridge, someone has carved thousands of words into it. This work must have taken several years if you ask me.

" Who carved all this?" 

" I did" Louis says seriously.

At first, I think he is kidding, but the stern expression I can make out in the dark tells me otherwise. I look down at my feet and all the words around them. I can make out in small print it says:

fall madly in love with the girl of my dreams

" I don't understand. What does all this mean? " I ask.

" It's my goals, my bucket list", he admits.

" I had no clue you would be the type of guy...."

I cut myself off before I say something I shouldn't 

" What are you trying to say? You didn't think I was a guy who actually had a heart?", he is raising his voice now.

" I never said that! Why are you putting words into my mouth?" I throw back at him, like a jab to the heart. 

" Everyone always sees me as the guy who doesn't want to settle down, the guy who can't be tied down to one person, and maybe I was that person in the past, but I'm trying so hard to quit being labeled that way." Louis says in a so calm voice that it's almost scarier than when he was yelling. He said it in a way that could make you believe he could start crying at any moment. I wasn't in the right position to see him cry right in front of my face for something I said. 

" Look, Louis... I never meant for things to get out of hand like they obviously are." 

" Rayne, if you didn't want to go out with me, you should've spared my feelings and time."

" Who said I didn't want to go out with you? I've been thinking about you constantly since the first time I met you at that stupid party. I may have been attracted to you for your looks, but getting to know the real Louis Tomlinson has been the greatest experience of my life. Is that the answer you wanted? I can go on if you would like-" 

I was forcefully and unexpectedly cut off by Louis's lips finding mine in the dark. He grabbed my waist and cleared the little gap there was in between us. His lips were something special, like two gummy bears on a warm summer day. I snaked my arms around his neck like I know he likes, I rest them there. All it is an innocent kiss.

" I was getting tired of hearing you talk", Lou says casually after the surprise kiss. 

" Whatever brought that on, I'm glad it did. So, will you tell me more about the bridge now?" I ask, smiling. 

He decided to sit down on the bridge with his legs danging off the edge, so I follow suits and do the same thing. 

" I'd love to. I started coming out here ever since my parents started fighting. I couldn't take being locked up in that home where my mom was always screaming at my father and my father occasionally abusing my mother. I wasn't going to go in  between that and end up being the one to get my ass kicked. It got so bad that sometimes I would pack an overnight bag and come sleep down on this bridge. I felt like I was in this world alone with no way to make things better. They kept getting worse, until one day I grabbed a knife out of kitchen drawer, walked down to this very bridge and I was going to cut up my arms until I couldn't feel them anymore. I got so close to doing it until I reassured myself it isn't right to mark up my body for this. What would that help? So, instead I got down on my hands and knees and started carving words into this bridge. I carved all my goals and dreams, so I would never end up like my father or mother and so I always had something in life to look forward to.", Louis states.

I can't even believe the background he comes from. I feel like I know him so much better now. I look into his eyes to see  pain and regret, two of the things I hope never to feel. I can't imagine ever growing up with parents who don't even notice your gone. My parents were always the protective ones who wouldn't let me go to girl-boy parties until I was 15. They still don't particularly like parties, but what they don't know, won't hurt them. I snap out of that thought, back into the real problem here. 

I reach over and put my arms around his neck to embrace him. He pulls me onto his lap so I straddling him and wraps his arms around my waist. I feel so safe in his arms, I wish we could freeze this moment forever.

" Don't ever let me go." I whisper.

" Wasn't planning on it."  

" I wish I could take all your pain away." 

" You can."

" How?"

" By being my girlfriend and making me the happiest guy on the earth." 

I smile at him and nod like crazy. He doesn't even realize how happy he makes me. Then, he is pulling something out of his back pocket. It's small, but beautiful, whatever it is. 

" Now and forever?", he asks. 

" Now and forever." I say.

He slips a silver ring on my finger and inside the ring is engraved "now & forever"  I bask in it's glory and how much it must have been worth. 

" I'm not sure if I can accept this.. it must have cost a fortune." 

" You are priceless to me"

I simply look down at my ring and smile and look up at him and smile even more. How could this night be more perfect?

" I'm getting awful tired..." I say yawning.

" Let's go back to my apartment then, netflix and chill?" Lou asks. 

" Netflix and chill." 

I began to get back on my feet when Louis randomly sweeps me off my feet, bridal style and kisses my cheek saying "mine" over and over again. 

" I am the luckiest guy on the planet to have you as my best friend, my girlfriend, my forever and always". 







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