The Diary of the girl that's Broken

Do you count down the days until you die? Do you know the day you'll die? Yes and yes. Want to know my name? Keep reading. Want to know my story? Read on. Want to know why? Go ahead, read on. I dare you. Or is it just too sad?


1. 30 Days

Does anyone really care? Are they just pretending? Acting? I'm the girl that's broken. The girl that realizes there is no hope in this horrid world. It's about time people realize that. My pieces fall off with every little word.

"You're worthless."

"I hate you."

"You're weird."

Words that are repeating everyday. I have gotten used to hearing them. I have resigned myself to the fact that everyday I will hear these words and they will hurt me even more. It's a simple fact in my life. Another simple fact in my life is that my father will get drunk and hit me and my mother will stand there.

30 days until I die. I wait with excitement for that day.

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