"It's not how you fall, its whether you get back up again...."


2. Vanilla creme



  "Lets run away, away from everyone, everything. All I want is to be with you, feel your warmth. I-I love you so much, it-it hurts...."


        "How about some ice cream?" Seth points, our intertwining fingers split,
  "Nah, We had that yesterday!" Seth shrugs and re-intertwine our fingers. As we walk I grin, I thing able Seth, Our relationship, his mighty fine ass, and our plan...
  "Hey," Seth points to the empty seat next to me, I nod and he seats him and his lunch next to me. I bit my inner lip and try to stay calm. 'Seth fucking Myers is sitting with me, well has to I guess, his table is full and i'm a bitch, and Andrea is gone so no one wants to sit with me. oh my god, Bri stay calm you little shit'
   "So..." He tries to spark a conversation with me and chew my apples quicker and quicker, 
    "Uh yeah?" My voice cracks, 'fuck',
     "I see you around the tennis court, you play?" 'No shit'
    "Y-yeah, not to good I gu-"
 "Hey I was wondering.."  He interrupts me, "Did you maybe want to, I don't know, maybe... Hang out on Sunday?"  I cough, lodging my apple slice down my throat. I seem to make some sort of elephant sound, trying to catch attention. Gasping, Seth quickly gives me the Heimlich maneuver  as I try to capture some sort of breath, my face, heating like a radiator. Finally I feel the slobbering apple slice dislodge out of my mouth and tumble slowly to the ground, me, gasping for breath. Silence awakes me as I slowly nod my head upwards to see the whole room of Kurlen high stare right at my dribbling chin, and red stained eyes.
One, then four, seventeen, then everyone chants with laughter. Everyone but Seth.....

Seth gives me a hell of a grin and points at the kiddie playground,
"No way Seth.."
"Come on.... Babe, I love playgrounds.. And hey, There's no kids around.." I roll my eyes and give his the satisfaction he wants. He makes almost what I would call a typical 'Whoopie!' of a little kid. Bending down, Seth back gives me a invitation to a piggy back ride. 


"I'll give you a push,"
"Not to high, I hate swings!" His glowing smile and blue/gray eyes say different. Grabbing the side rings he gives me the underdog and laughs as I, fear kicking my ass, try to stay calm.
"Sethhh!" I scream. He crosses his arms and tilts his head,
"Oh, sorry... Did I  scare you," He says sarcastically. We spend the rest of the day together just acting as kids, telling each other stories and how much we love each other....

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could comment if you do/don't like this story so far and why so I can either improve or leave it... Thanks!

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