"It's not how you fall, its whether you get back up again...."


1. A/N


   Hello Everybody!
So basics to this book. Every chapter is a chocolate flavor. That is based off of the quote, 
"Life's a box of chocolates.."  I really have no reason why but you know because like... 
Basically it's like the best flavors are the ones that are the best memories or times, I guess... Vise-Versea. 

No offence if I make a chapter that's bad but it's your favorite chocolate flavor! 

Side notes: I haven't been on Movellas for 3 reasons:
1) I have been VERY busy in school and Movellas is more of a summer thing I guess...
2) WRITERS BLOCK! I understand and cringe reading my old Movellas and I am really trying to make better Movellas for you all to enjoy. 
3)I really lost interest in fanfics because of how unrealistic any of them could be (100% my opinion, no offence to anyone who makes fanfics) I still write romance, just not of the whole 1D and band persona. I try to make fantasy as well for enjoyment. So if you don't like it... Don't read it... Thanks!


  Extra shoutout to my homie  Kebron Tesafe <333

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