Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


7. Why Didn't Ryia Die?

As I awoke I saw I was the first one up. I stretched and yawned, letting my body crack and wake up too. I wasn't in the mood to talk to Asher about my mom, I knew would be I knew. I felt like I might have to though if I was to stay here. I might as well tell him sooner or later. As a claw ran its way down my hide I almost jumped and lit the place on fire.

"Easy Thora." Asher said as he also just woke up. He sounded gruff and almost sweet. I looked over at him and got pissed right away.

"Oh, Hi." I said to him, he turned himself so he was facing me and he scowled.

"Now just because of what happened last night doesn't mean you can be pissed and moody with me all the time. Now come on, you need something to do it seems." Asher said going down a tunnel in the cave. I rolled my eyes, I would humor him a little I guess. I followed him down the cave. Why didn;t I just leave? It was so easy for me to leave other places and I never stayed in the same spot twice so why was this different? 

"What are we doing just going down tunnels?" I asked him with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. He let out a laugh that I was surprised didn't wake Ryia. 

"No, how good are you at flying down them? and slithering too." He said. I didn't really know how to slither. And being a four legged, winged dragon like Asher. I didn't have to learn.

"I don't know okay I guess?" I said to him and then seeing the hole he was talking about. He must have dug it by himself and it looked like a straight down drop into the abyss. My energy shot up and I gave him a playful look. "Race you down." I said before passing him and falling down the tunnel. My wings couldn't open in these parts so I had to learn to slither which I got the hang of right away but I was sort of slow. A roar boomed from above and his huge shape came into view, him obviously about to passed me. As he did he drug his claws down my hide and I let out a roar to him. Some dragons did that in a playful gesture and others may do it in a loving way. I knew this was playful though, he wouldn't love me. I let out a burst of fire that filled the tunnel and reached him. He shook it off and then returned the fire by opening his giant mouth and letting magma spew out. I tried dodging it but it hit my sides, slowing me down. We reached the bottom moments later  and its was awesome. Lava pools were on either side and crystals stuck in the walls. He turned into his human form, laughing. I landed next to him and turned, hitting my feet on the ground. I couldn't help but laugh either.

"Thanks, now I will be picking magma off of me for weeks." I said pushing him.

"Anytime, if hittig you with magma was all it took to make you smile than why didn't you just say so? By the way, you look a lot better with a smile then a scowl or smirk." He said to me. I instantly wanted to frown then and I did, losing the smile he gave me a look and walked over to me, suddenly embracing me.

"What are yo-" I said before he cut me off.
"Thora are you familiar with the symbol yin and yang? Or opposites?" He asked me and I nodded. Every dragon knew about them, they'd be stupid not to.

"Yeah I do. Doesn't everyone?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Yes well I don't know if this is too early but I think there might be a chance that you are my opposite." He said drawing me closer to him. I pushed away in confusion.

"What do you mean? No I don't even have an opposite. Your lying okay?" I said to him. He ran a hand through his hair and gave me a harsh look.

"You know. I was planning to kill you when I first saw you. I never let anyone into my home. But I didn't because I couldn't and the only thing that seems logical that stopped me was that you are my opposite okay? I will always go for the kill if I have the opportunity, and I did." He said coming back over to me now and picking me up. He pushed me against the wall and looked up at me. "I know it sounds crazy Thora, I thought I was crazy too but this feels real and we should just try it for a little and if it turns out were not. You can leave and go where ever you want to go I promise." He said to me and I let down my guard a little.

"I.. Fine we can try it. I must warn you though that it's hard for me to stay in one place for very long." I said to him.

"Well you can stay here as long as you want. I promise as long as you are here and my heart still longs for you, I will protect you." He said to me. I looked at him, actually looked at him instead of avoiding everyone's gaze like I normally do. And my heart stopped, I swear it. He smiled, as he lowered me and grabbed my face drawing me to him. He kissed me, biting me hard like I did to him. Kissing a dragon was always painful but dragons seemed to like it. I wanted to sstop but at the same time I didn't. I haev kissed other people in my lifetime before but nothing like this. Maybe he was right that we were opposites but that meant I was the part of the yin and yang that hated while he loved. He pulled back and smiled at me and I tired to avoid his gaze. I would leave in the morning and that was that.

"We should get back and check on Ryia, her dragon died so shouldn't she have died as well?" I asked him. He pondered it for a moment before he spoke,
"Yeah good point, lets go." He said taking my hand in his for a moment before speeding up the tunnel again. I turned and followed close to his tail. I knew it would be hard but I might have to break his heart.

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