Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


10. The Truth Comes Out

As Thora and Asher got to the top of the deep cavern they had just been in, Ryia, was awake and digging through things. Thora almost had her at the throat seeing her back around Ryia's shoulder.

"Exactly what are you doing dragon rider? Don't you know it's a death wish to go through a dragons things?" Thora asked, the girl still in shock.

" I'm sorry. You two had left to go somewhere and I just thought I would look around." Ryia said dropping the bag slowly. Thora more or less pounced her bag and looked through it, checking to see if anything was missing. Nothing seemed to be but her book had been looked through.

"Thora, calm down Ryia was just curious she didn't know." Asher said trying to put a hand on Thora's shoulder. She let out a low growl and hissed.

"Asher," She started calmly,"you must have some treasures that mean a lot to you and you would be pretty pissed if they touched or took, right?" She asked him.

"Well yes, of course I do, I understand why you're mad but she didn't take anything." He said to Thora. "Plus whatever is in that bag really worth getting this worked up about?" He asked her. She let out a laugh before opening up a hidden part of her bag and pulling out the pendant and a small crown. She also took out the book too and laid it out before her.

"Yes these objects that are in my possession are worth getting worked up about." Thora said with a slight smirk as Ryia gasped and Asher looked at the two items with wanting look that every dragon gets with treasure. 

"That's the princesses pendant, Thora, how did you even get a hold of that?" Asher said.

"Easy." Thora said as she slipped on the pendant and it glowed, a red color that was identical to her eyes. "I am the princess of Queen Isis' kingdom, it is true I ran away if you heard that rumor. Which is why I need to be going I can' t endanger you." She said trying to pack up her things. 

"No." Ryia said moving close to Thora. 

"Excuse me?" Thora asked with an annoyed growl.

"I will take you back to your sister, it is my duty. We can do this the hard way or the easy way Thora, and don't try to pull anything on me, I know a lot about you." Ryia said kicking open the book where a book mark  had been placed. It flipped to Thora's page. 

"What? No you can't take her I won't let you." Asher responded, now getting in between Thora and Ryia. Thora only laughed and grabbed the crown and the book, tucking them back into her bag.

"Go ahead puny human. I will have you know that I have been challenged by the mighty Dominic who I believe, correct me if I am wrong, is either your rival or lover. Either way, you've never been able to beat him. But I have." Thora said, a hunger came to her eyes, she could remember the last time she killed a hunter, although she never killed Dominic, she had killed many of her sisters hunters. She always loved making her sister squeal, after what she did, Thora had a right.

"He is nothing to me dragon, now come with me before things get bad." Ryia said. Thora laughed which turned into a booming chuckle as she turned into a dragon. Ryia had to cover her ears by it, Asher was unfazed by the laughter as he turned into his dragon form too and  brought his head down by Ryia, his tail curling to almost hug Thora in protection.

"Little hunter, if you take my Thora away from me I will stop you and I know I could. You know who I am." Asher said, flicking his tongue out occasionally.

"Your Thora? Wow only been here one day and you're falling for this lousy excuse for royalty. I thought you were one of the wisest dragons but I guess I'm wrong." Ryia said pulling a sword that glowed out of her hilt. "Now, who will make the first move? You or the girl who has to be protected?" That was it that was all it took before Thora let out a loud roar and charged the small human, maw open and flames starting to come out of her mouth.

Asher must have joined the fight too because the air got how and hard to breathe in as magma fell from his mouth.

Thora laughed, this was going to be fun.  

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