Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


5. The Ruler Lies

As Queen Isis went back up to her room she looked out at the sun setting. Letting out a bored sigh she drug her sharp pointed nails across the edges of the window. Quietly she sighed to herself,

"Sooner or later they will find you and then you will be mine little dragon." She said, her eyes almost like slits and her sharp teeth forming into a small smile. "You can't run from me forever." She turned away from the window and headed to her room. Brining out the book again she opened it up to a new page. This one she labeled as Thora Vadim and wrote down some things. She labeled what her powers were and marked her under highly dangerous when threatened. She gave a picture of the dragon and a small bit of detail of her human form as no one really sees it much. Dragons only turn when they know they are safe of course. As the Queen finished her writing she smiled in satisfaction. She knew to put the young dragon next to the other famous dragon, Asher Thorodan. She had them close together not because he was around her year, he was much older than her and much stronger. She put them together because they their opposites. She narrowed her eyes at the picture.

"Good thing she will never meet him." She said, almost in relief. A hunter busted in the door with a boy in chains, badly beaten.

"Your Highness." The hunter said bowing down and kicking the boy to the floor as well. She stood and walked down to him.

"What have you brought me?" The Queen asked looking down at the scrawny boy.

"We found him trying to tame a dragon and when we caught him he tried to flee the city." The hunter said answering her question.

"I know no one else in this messed up kingdom can see it but the masters but your not even a Queen! You're nothing except when you trick their minds you're a-" The boy blurted out beher sharp nails were at his throat.
"Say another word I honestly dare you and they will be the last words you'll ever say." She said looking into his soft innocent but worn eyes. He took one big gulp before nodding and she released him, tossing him to the ground. "Take this pathetic excuse for a dragon rider to your camps for training, if he refuses to be a hunter then kill him." She said to the hunter who was there. Nodding he got up and took the boy away, tears streaming down his face and the screams of refusal, echoing through the halls. 

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