Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


20. The Party

This whole scene was bothering her. The mansion was fine but the room reminded her too much of the one her sister had. The decorated walls that was filled with paintings and luxurious sofas were in the hallways. Her room, like all the others, was a pastel color and had the same paintings in it. There was a large king sized bed with drapes hanging off of it and a large closet next to it. Nightstands were on either side of it. All of it was enough to make Thora want to crawl in a hole to sleep. 

It was just one night though, she reminded herself. Plus dinner was going to be ready soon and she was starving. Lord Briam would be throwing a party to welcome her group. She, was under no circumstance, dressing up though. She couldn't force herself to do it. The closet was filled with different dresses but Thora would not be wearing any of them. She was fine with the clothes she had, even if they were dirty and over worn. 

When dinner was ready she left her room, leaving her bag in the nightstand. Everyone else had dresses on it seemed. Marie had on a dress that was black at the top, cutting to white at the end of her chest. The dress made her look taller and a black flower was in between the black and white. It complemented her black hair and caramel eyes. It looked stunning on her tanned skin and didn't hug her body at all. Luna's was far different, being a black skin tight dress with a gold band around her middle. She wore gold cuffs and necklaces, bringing out her fair skin and silver hair. Luna snickered when she saw Thora who still had her hair down looked up at her, her hair falling from her face a little. Her skin was not complemented with her slightly tan skin and curvy body being covered by a large shirt and jacket, accompanied with dark jeans. 

"Are you not dressing up, little one?" Luna asked her. Thora hated when Luna called her childish names just because she was a young dragon. 

"I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress." Thora told Luna, sticking her tongue out in disgust.

"Well, everyone else will be wearing one. It's a party after all." Marie said quietly to Thora. She only rolled her eyes and walked away from them calling out.

"Well then I guess I will be the black sheep." They made their way down the stairs and into the dining hall where it seemed the guys were already waiting.

Asher was wearing a black suit that brought out his orange eyes and matched his long black hair and fair skin. Christopher was wearing a white suit and a light blue tie that also helped in showing off his fair skin and his blond hair. Thora also noted that Knucker hadn't changed into something fancy either. She gave her approval by flashing a smile to him.

At least she wouldn't be the only one that wouldn't be dressed up tonight.

Asher seemed threatened by this though. He gave Knucker a warning growl, Knucker returned the growl and rolled his eyes. Asher knew Thora and Knucker were much closer in age. Thus, making them more similar and likely to have a better chance of mating or bonding. Asher had made it clear to Knucker though that Thora was Asher's mate. Not Knucker's. As they all walked towards each other Asher made a point to take Thora's hand in his and lead her over to the table. Others filed in as well and it stunned the group how many there were. None of them were in their dragon forms but their unfortunate obvious trademarks made it hard to disguise themselves as human. There had to be over a hundred of them. As they all sat down Knucker leaned over to whisper in Thora's ear.

"Never seen this many dragons before?" Thora shook her head. 

'I didn't now this many dragons even existed, let alone lived in the same territory. How do they no kill one another?" She said not focusing on him. 

'Well dragons can be much like wolves in a way of establishing an alpha and then the rest of the pack obeys said alpha. Obviously Lord Briam is their leader of their pack." Knucker said to her. A hand found her's under the table and when she closed her around it she looked up to see it was Asher's. He smiled at her from his seat next to hers. She smiled back at him. Though she would never admit it, she needed support in this moment when all she wanted to do was run. She felt trapped. 

Lord Briam entered the room last  with a young woman by his side. He took his seat above everyone else, establishing his royalty and power. He was a Lord, Thora reminded herself, to which she cringed. 

He made a toast to his new guests and all eyes seemed to be on them as the toast was given and applause broke out in  the crowd. Food was coming out now by dragons dressed like waiters and waitresses. 

Marie and Christopher were brought much smaller meals then the dragons. As they were given steak and grilled fish. The dragons got much larger portions like a whole sheep, boar or pig, or small calf. Thora was lucky enough to be served a lamb which was one of her favorite meals sine she was a hatchling. She literally devoured the meal as she was starving from only eating what she could find by the cabin. She was full as the tables were moved away and the floor opened to dancing dragons. Music started to play and Thora started to have memories of when she was with Queen Isis. 

She couldn't breathe and it felt like the walls were closing in on her. She had lost sight of her friends and the trapped thoughts crawled into her mind  as the lights went low. She quickly made her out of the dining hall and out into a balcony, bumping into people as she went.

Thora sighed heavily as the air flowed through her hair and she could breathe. The thoughts of when she was trapped in her own personal hell faded away. Being beaten into submission and not fed for days. She jumped out of her skin when she heard a voice.

"Needed some air?" Knucker leaned against the opening to the balcony. She sighed, "I don't like crowds." She told him quickly. She moved to perch herself on the wall of the balcony, away from him and the door.

"Well that's obvious. But why come out here? Why not go back to your room?" Knucker asked her. She paused for a moment to think of his question. She guessed she liked being outside since she was locked away for so long and being kept from the world since she was young.

"I guess I like the outside better. The wind calls to me and I can see the stars, the moon, and the sun." Thora told him. He walked over to lean on the ledge near her.

"Why not leave then? If the wind calls to you like you say then why not answer it." 

"Because its not the time. I have a duty here now." Thora said lifting her head to the night sky. 

"You don't seem to like staying here." Knucker added.

"You aren't wrong. I want to leave. I don't want trouble to come to any of you, but Asher would hunt me down if I left so here I stay." Thora told him.

"Humor me. But if I was in Asher's place with you I would let who I thought was my mate come and go as they pleased. Just hoping they loved me enough to come back to me eventually." Knucker said vaguely. Thora didn't let it show but his words sparked her interest a bit. 

He wasn't bad looking either. Especially in his human form. He wasn't as tall and lanky as Asher, but he was strong and he defiantly was toned. He had tan skin that most dragons that lived near or in the ocean had. His eyes were a golden color that, Thora guessed. Probably looked amazing shinning in the sunlight. On his human form it even made him look intimidating. He had razor teeth like her and short chocolate brown hair. If he wanted to it would hang as small bangs across his face, but at the moment he had it spiked up in the front. It exposed his ear which showed he had black earrings on both sides. She stayed silent, studying him a little while longer before speaking.

Which he let her, Knucker knew she was looking him over and he preferred not to draw attention to it. He was looking her over too. 

"Why did you choose to come out here?" Thora questioned, breaking the silence. 

"The honest answer? To talk to you. I haven't been able to get two words in without Asher jumping all over me." Knucker admitted. Thora laughed lightly.

"Maybe that's because he feels that you are treading on land that is already claimed." Thora said with a bored tone. 

"He can't just claim dragons like that and you haven't even mated. Plus, you don't even seem like you are interested in him anyways." Knucker rolled his eyes. She only shrugged. 

"I don't know. I'm just glad I'm not in a cell anymore." She told him. He nodded.

"Well I don't blame you." He said.

"Blame her for what?" Asher asked coming from the doorway to the balcony. Thora swore she saw Knucker tense up a bit.

"That I'm glad that I'm not stuck in a cage anymore." Thora said with that same bored tone. Asher made his way over and sat near her, not making any movements to be physical with her since she didn't really seem like she wanted it. He did want to make sure that Knucker knew his place though, which, for the moment, he did. 

"Well I'm glad I got to meet you." Asher winked at her. He usually tended not to dwell on her past. 

"Gag, I'll leave you two be." Knucker stuck his tongue out and laughed as he turned to leave. Thora was almost a little sad that he left. She let it go though, she knew the game the two males were playing and she wanted no part in it. 

"The two humans want to stay another night it seems. Lord Briam offered it to them." Asher told her. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair to get it out of her face. 

"Of course he did. He's never seen humans before."

Asher got up and looped a thumb in her belt loop, pulling her close to him. He spoke quietly through a sharp toothed smile. "We could always leave you know. Just me and you." Thora smiled and pressed her body closer to him, almost as though to kiss him before she broke free of his grasp and winked at him. 

"We could, you're right. But it's much safer to stay with them. And it's you and I." She corrected him. He sighed and rolled his eyes at her. 

"Alright smartass. And you're right, I was just hoping to be alone with you." 

She smiled and walked towards the door. "We'll see." She told him as she left to go back to her room. She knew Knucker and Asher were playing a game of dominance. Though, she wasn't going to get directly involved, she wasn't going to make it easy on them either. 

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