Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


18. Meeting Up Again.

"How long till we are there?" Marie asked Knucker who flew quietly as the sun started to set agaian. They had flown all through the day and into the next night. Marie had to admit that riding a dragon all day could really give you a tan.

"Not long from what I can tell from the directions you gave me." Knucker said to her. She was fascinated at the colors of the sky as they changed  in hue to  As she looked down though she became woozy and clutched Knuckers hide. "It's ironic that I have found a dragon rider that is scared of heights, don't you think?" He seemed to let out a rumble which she guessed was his way of laughing.  "Out of all the dragons I could of had to be a rider of I got stuck with a smart ass." She laughed as his body started decline towards the woods. A small cabin sat there and smoke was coming out of the chimney.  "Are you sure this is it?" Marie asked him. She knew that Christopher wasn't much for fancy living and could get by on hardly anything. "From what I can tell, yes this is the spot from your vision." Knucker said to her. "Don't worry Marie. If anything gets too bad we can fight." He reassured her. She noted how he already was getting protective over her. Luna became the same way with Christopher. They were on the ground now. Knucker landing softly and as she hopped off him he turned into his human form. He was a fierce dragon, one that should be feared. On the inside she could see that he had good intentions. She walked up to the door slowly, Knucker close behind her as she knocked. As the door creaked open slowly she was filled with relief.  "Luna." Marie smiled at the dragons familiar human face. Her soft features and her delicate frame. The dragon smiled wide and pulled her in close, practically suffocating her with love.  "Little Maire, I've missed you." Luna cooed. Though Luna was Marie's rider she still considered her a child of her's like Christopher. "Who is this?" Luna asked, taking her eyes off Marie and on Knucker.    "This is my dragon-" Marie started but before she could finish Christopher's voice cut her off. "Marie!" He shouted and ran to her, picking her up from her small waist and twirling her around. "How did you get here?!" He was smiling and she was laughing, he always was much bigger then her. He had broad shoulders and his light blond hair made his blue eyes sparkle. She had missed him terribly. "Like I was saying. Knucker, my dragon flew me here." She told them and Knucker gave a slight bow. "The pleasure is all mine. I've heard great things of the legendary white dragon named Luna." He smiled, Luna returned to smile.  "Thank you." Was all she responded with.  "So you found a dragon finally?" Christopher questioned. "Yeah, I guess so. It was that or he was going to eat me." She nudged Knucker and he ruffled her hair, smirking. "You wouldn't have tasted very good anyways." He joked. Luna's face was more worried now though as she spoke up, "This may not be good."  "What do you mean?" Marie asked. She was confused on how Knucker being her dragon was a bad thing. "Asher and Thora should be back soon. With Asher trying to stake his claim on Thora and Knucker being more around her age, not to mention a male. This could pose as a slight problem." Luna told her. This made no sense to Marie though, who was Thora and Asher? And why would Thora make it worse? "Who are they?" Marie asked but her question was answered shortly after as a girl with long black hair that seemed to shine in the sun stepped out of the woods. Her eyes were a piercing red and they stared right at Marie as a smile full of sharp teeth streched across her face. She looked beautiful in her human form but that beauty also gave off a very obvious sense of danger. She wasn't tall nor was she short and she had a curvy figure. Not like Marie at all, she silently noted. Marie was tall and slender with hardly a curve to her figure. She was built for fighting and running.  "Ah, so you must be Marie. I knew you would come. It's good to see you again." Thora said walking up to her and circling her. Marie felt like prey as Thora's eyes scanned her. "I don't expect you to remember me right away though, Christopher didn't either. You and him saved me from my cell back in Queen Isis' castle." Thora said to Marie. "I'm Thora Vadim."  Marie pondered her memories for a moment before remembering that she had saved a dragon girl from the castle while they were running. But, that dragon was pale and starved. How could this be the same person.   "Thora Vadim. I've heard the name before but not for a very long time." He said with slightly squinted eyes. "Probably from my mother and father.  The two dragons of creation and destruction." She said blankly. This wasn't the first time someone had recognized her last name and she knew it would not be the last.  "So you are the legendary dragon everyone's been talking about. The one that escaped the Queen." Knucker smiled and took her hand and lifted it, kissing it.   A growl erupted from the woods as Asher moved to Thora's side with incredible speeds. Almost getting in front of her to face Knucker. Luna put her shook her head as she brought her hands up to cover her face. She had pretty much predicted the situation. "Asher, calm down he's a friend." Thora growled at him. He growled back for a little bit longer before he backed off. It wasn't good for two males that didn't know each other to be together. "You don't touch her, you hear me?" Asher warned him. Knucker threw his hands up in defense. "My apologies I didn't know you kept her on such a tight leash." He hissed at him. Asher wanted to lunge for his throat but he hesitated. He was on good terms with Thora right now and he didn't want to lose that. Asher decided to just roll his eyes at him. Thora smiled up at him as if to say 'thank you' and took his hand in hers. "Well I don't know about anyone else but I'm starving and really want to catch up on everyone's life." Christopher said breaking the silence. He turned to go back into the house, Marie on his heels. Luna stopped the rest of them though, hissing a warning. "I don't want any fighting in front of them, you understand me?" Luna told them. Thora nodded and Asher grumbled something they couldn't hear. "You have my word ma'dam." Knucker said as they mad their way into the cabin.
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