Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


4. Making Friends

As Thora spotted the mountains she landed in the forest by it, there it was. The place she would search for a territory. She stayed there for awhile and waited. This mountain range could have a dragon in. She knew that they would sense her presence by now.

She didn't really care, she'd never seen another dragon in her life, or a human that hasn't tried to kill her, she noted. She laid there for awhile and almost fell asleep before she was ambushed by something.

A roar blasted in her ear and before she knew it she was being pushed over by a dragon much bigger than her. He wrapped himself around her and his claws went for her. Letting out a roar she countered him, pushing him back and going around him, almost like dancing. She wondered if turning into her human form would give her a better chance to run but she also knew she could get squished in a second.

"Stop I don't want to fight!" She roared. For most humans a dragons voice is hard to read and its loud.. Really loud. He stopped and untangled himself from her. She turned to her human form as he did and he smiled. She backed away, she was usually full of her self and very competitive but this weird dragon scared the shit out of her. She wouldn't show him though.

"Don't try anything. I'm sparing you only because of the new law about killing dragons. What do they call you?" He said to her his eyes alert and attentive. Thora rubbed the back of her neck,

"Um, thanks I guess? And I'm Thora, Thora Vadim." She said not knowing if he meant his last comment in a nice or threatening way.

"Why are you here?" He asked her.

"Same as everybody else? I'm getting away from the hunters and I'm looking for a territory. Do you attack every dragon that come within a few miles of your home?" I asked him, he let out a chuckle. I looked him over. He was definitely an older dragon.

"No I just don't like dragons or people I don't know in my territory is as. Why don't you stay for a little. You're not the best at fighting and I can train you if you want before you go and look for another territory." He said to me. I was skeptical about agreeing, for a dragon that just tried to kill me he was being very nice. I didn't have any where else to go and I was tired.

"Yeah sure, but you better not pull anything on me." I said to him looking at him cautiously, my red eyes flaring up a little. He smiled at me before turning into a dragon and wrapping his tail around me, pulling me into his back.

"Please, if I wanted to kill you I would have already." He said to me. I rolled my eyes, older dragons always thought they were the shit. As we landed in his cave a human sat there on the bed. She looked frightened or maybe more dazed. Thora wanted to know why the human was here but she decided not to. Finding a darker part of the cave she walked over to it not trying to make any wrong moves in front of the other dragon. She leaned up against a wall and let her back slide down it. She pulled her bag close to her and played with her treasures for a bit longer. The silence was to much for her to bear though and she said the first thing that came to her mind.

"Why is there a dead dragon on top of the cave? What happened?" she asked, her piercing red eyes staring at both of them. The human gave her a saddened, depressed look. The other dragon shot her a look before calming down and nodding.

"The girl, Ryia, she was flying and she got into an accident. Her dragon died when they fell so it didn't suffer at all, the only thing that puzzles me is when a masters dragon dies, they also have a strong chance of dying. But this girl didn't." He said to me. The girl held her face in her hands and shook her head violently. 

"No shes not dead she's just unconscious otherwise I would be dead too. She can't be dead." She said and I could hear her heartbeat speeding up. She was crying to herself now. Good job Thora, you've been here not even a few minutes and you've already made someone cry. 

"I don't mean to sound like a horrible person but that dragon cant just sit out there, it will start to smell. And god knows what that will attract." I said to them. The guy nodded and looked over at Ryia. 

"Look, Ryia, I can take you to see your dragon if you want to. If that will help you." Asher said trying to calm her down. Ryia, looking up at him, nodded and stood up. She was tall for her age and she wore layers on layers, most likely to keep her warm when she was on her dragon. She had brownish hair and green eyes that were now wet with tears. 

"Thora your coming too." Asher said to me . I looked up at him and gave him a puzzled look,

"Why? What good am I going to do?" I asked him. 

"Well you are a fire dragon from what I've seen. So I'd assume you know how to use the fire right?" He asked me. I answered his question by giving my wrists a lazy flick and my hands were ablaze. He smiled to me, turning into a dragon, he nestled Ryia on his back so she wouldn't fall. I found my own spot on his back and laid back. I wasn't used to flying any other way except from doing it myself so I was a little awkward. Ryia also shifted awkwardly on his back. Figuring that she probably hasn't rode on a dragon of this size. As he took off I turned to look at her.

"Having troubles?" Thora said to the girl with a bit of a smirk. 

"No he's just a bigger dragon." She said almost avoiding Thora's eyes. She was used to it though, most people did. They proved to be very intimidating at times. "Plus you don't look so comfortable yourself." She said. The smirk that was once on her face was gone now and she turned her back to the girl. Only a foolish human would try to piss of a dragon like that. Asher landed and I hopped off of his back landing fine on my feet. I walked over to the dragon that now lay still, it was a white colored dragon with some spikes and horns.

"It was beautiful wasn't it?" I asked. Something inside of me made me want to help the girl. I knelled down by the dragon and ran my hand along its hide.

"She. And yeah she was." Ryia said as Asher gave her a look and she hopped off of him. He turned back into his human form. Ryia knelled down next to the dragon and I could tell the hurt was hitting her hard. 

"I could help you. Burying her would take a long time and it wont be as efficient and we can't just leave her here. I could burn her body and return her to the sky." Thora said to her. She shook her head and I knew she didn't want to  believe she was dead. Asher walked up to us,

"Ryia, Thora is right we can't leave her here and she is dead. But she didn't hurt when she died I promise you that." He said she sighed and nodded, her face almost completely wet with tears.

"Okay. Do it." She said. I nodded and brought fire to my hands. I knew what to do, it was one of the only magical thing I knew how to do with my fire. Saying some words in a different tongue the fire on my hands turned white, my eyes rolled back and I placed my hands on the dragon. The fire created a wall around the dragon and then engulfed it. As the dragon burned she turned into flames taking the shape of her dragon form for a little before vanishing back into the sky. My eyes rolled back and I slumped down. That always drained me since it was a powerful spell. Ryia stared in wonder and Asher had a smile on his face that made him look way better then smirking or scowling. I turned into my dragon form and flew down to the cave again and laid down. The spell I preformed it brought back too many memories of my past. Asher and Ryia followed not long after me and Ryia laid down in the bed and passed out. Asher, still as a dragon came over to me and talked in a tongue that not even humans knew, it was how we kept secrets,

"How did you do that? I only thought you would burn the dragon not actually burn the body and let the, whatever that was, free." Asher said to me. I turned and looked at him.

"I don't know it's just something I learned. Don't ask me." I said to him, that seemed to piss him off a little because he moved closer to me letting a low growl.

"You're living with me for now so I would suggest being nicer and answering my questions. That was a very powerful spell do you know that? It's very hard to learn because it takes emotional power too. I've only seen a few other dragons do that but they are much older than I." He hissed to me. I looked at him directly in the eyes and let out this whine that dragons do sometimes.

"I learned it when I had to preform it on my mother's dead body when some hunters killed her. Happy now?" I growled and hissed before turning away from him. 

"Oh.. Um I'm sorry Thora I didn't know.. We will talk more about this tomorrow. Goodnight." He said before giving me my space. I would try not to talk about it tomorrow.

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