Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


6. Dragon Rider Marie Saye

Out of breath you stumble and fall, hitting the ground hard. You were almost caught by the hunters. You don't even know why they turned on you. You were always a hunter, your father was once one of the greatest hunters that had ever lived. Having his dragon slaying dagger and an old book of dragons you almost have memorized. You are poorly prepared for the dangerous woods that lay ahead. You find a path sort of close to the sea and walk. You quit trying to be a hunter when you always knew your true calling was a dragon rider. That's probably why your so called "friends" tried to kill you when you told them the news. You tried to gather your self, running a hand through your light brown and red hair. You focus your light green eyes on your path ahead and set out. Wishing you had a new set of clothes instead of these old worn ones. They will have to do for now though,

"Okay, Marie we can do this. Dad's taught us how to survive on our own." Marie says to herself. Grabbing her bag and setting out, She had food to last her a good three days but no more than that. If she cam across any traders or merchants she had jewels from her father to give. She needed to save some if she wanted to impress a dragon though. You know its unsafe to spend the night in the dark forest alone so you plan to stay near the see which could also be dangerous. Sea dragons can be one of the most sly and tricking of all the dragons. They are known to eat humans rather than befriend them. She knew that risk but with the new law in place she was willing to take the chance. She walked until the sun was no longer shining before she started a fire with wood she gathered from the forest. Taking out some food and eating it she sharpened her knife quietly, listening to the sound of the roaring waves almost like a lullaby, she dosed off for a while. Maybe a good two hours or so passed before she was awaken but the thud of feet hitting the ground. She shot to her feet and her fears were confirmed when a boy that looked about her age stood across from her with a smirk on his face. Scales were visible partly on his neck and instead of ears he had fin like things that replaced them.

"Um.. Hi who are you?" Marie asked the boy. He responded by looking over to her, his eyes like slits like dragons should be.

"Hey and I think the better question pretty lady would be who are you? I mean you are near my home but you wouldn't know that would you." He said, his razor sharp teeth like a sharks showed. She got up on her feet and gave a small smile and a light laugh.

"I'm just passing through I need to get past the woods. I will be going now, sorry to invade on your home." Marie said holding her knife and trying to walk away. He was in front of her in a swift second trying to block her path. 

"No your not going anywhere, dragon rider." He said moving towards her.

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