Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


14. Description of Dragons.

The Book Of All The Dragons So Far... (Just to give those who read a better idea)

Thora (Last name unknown..) A female dragon that's lived not nearly as long as most of the dragons on the lands. She was used and controlled by her sister for her unusual powers yet to be discovered in the story. No one really knows who she is because of her captivity in the dungeon. She was saved by Christopher Park and Marie Saye. It is almost impossible for her to have a rider since her sister kept her in the cell for so long.

(After a dragon grows to a certain length without a rider they become unable to form a bond between them and the rider, this can be a choice made by the dragon or forced on them. It can sometimes depress a dragon.)

Dragon Form: Her hide is a dark red color and she is covered in spikes, starting at her head and going down to her mid tail, making it hard to ride for dragon riders. Two greyish horns come from the top of her head, pointing upwards. Her wings are a black but in the light, can look greyish. The wings are decorated in little spikes that peak out of the boney parts of the wing. Handle this dragon with caution, this dragon is very mischievous and will not hesitate to engage a fight. Deadly when challenged and is said to be one of the most powerful dragons when she reaches full maturely, or has her first young since she is female.


Asher Thorodan: an exceptionally old dragon compared to Thora's newer birth. He is one of the wisest dragons, or so its said by the few humans who have met him. He doesn't like humans very much for their tendencies to go through periods of befriending dragons and then killing dragons. He grows a liking for Thora when he meets her, having not ever met her before he is curious to get to know her. Maybe a bit more intimately then either of them expected. He is determined to follow her on her journey, even if she wants to go alone.

Dragon Form: He is an all black dragon with spines rather than sharp spikes on his back. They form together making them look a little more fin like. A very big dragon because of his age, very prominent muscles in his dragon form. Can spew magma from his mouth but also summon fire. Has silvery horns that curl around and towards his snout. This suggests that Thora and Asher may be close to the same species of dragon. Spikes on his tail, head and bumps on his back making it okay to ride on. Like Thora, he has black wings and black flaps that also has spikes on the boney part of it.


Luna Park: an older dragon that met Christopher when she was just maturing as a dragon. This made her more loving towards defenseless things, like Christopher. Since she had not found a partner of her own she took Christopher on as her young. She is very well known by a lot of dragon because of her infamous powers of seeing glimpses of the future and shooting a purple ball of energy, that can melt things or disintegrate, from her mouth rather than fire or ice.

Dragon form: Luna's back usually doesn't have spikes on them but rather is more like a horses mane when rubbed the right way. Although she does have two white horns with purple spiraling up them that point upward. She had purple lines on parts of her tail and wings. Her wings are all white and sometimes a silver color. She's more of a slimmer, fast moving dragon with not much muscles showing prominently. She has long, sharp fangs that can produce venom if threatened. Extremely dangerous dragon and should handle and approach with caution.


Queen Isis (Last name unknown): A ruthless Queen that wants to make sure her rule lasts as long as possibly. With a strong iron grip over the people and her sister, Isis got one of the unfavorable traits of her parents. One of her only powers is persuasion of the mind. She also has ice powers, the opposite of her sister. She makes it clear that she will hide the fact she is a dragon from the humans. The hunters that she recruits usually know she is a dragon but are too afraid to say much of it in fear of death. She preformed tortures on her sister to make sure that her lands or more fertile, better weather, and less natural disasters. She also used her sister to uncover hidden fortunes, making her kingdom more wealthy.

Dragon Form: A skinny but spikey dragon. Has pinkish, purple wings and purple bone structure on the wings. Her overall body is a dark purple with a pink and grey underbelly. Two horns come up and bend inwards and then out to go up towards the sky. Deadly spikes go down her back that make it impossible for a rider to ride her. She has long fangs and sharp teeth that if she wants, can be poisonous. She is one of the most dangerous dragons to deal with, behind her sister of course.

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