Why is he grinning? Oh shit. He’s grinning because he knows I was staring at him. I avert my eyes, and sit down in the seat across from him. I look down at my hands cracking my knuckles, I glance up to see if he’s still grinning at me. I now notice that he’s walking over towards me. He sits down in the chair next to me. I gulp, rolling my shoulders back,
“Well aren’t you a pretty freshman?” He whispers in my ear, I feel his hot breath on my neck, it smells like mint and nachos.


4. Wonder Wednesday

Wonder Wednesday

I have spent most of my Tuesday thinking about Harry. I know I know, he's a senior and I'm a freshman it's NEVER gonna happen. it's not new to me. I just can't help but hope that this will be different, that we will be different. Going over to Kira's was fun but I couldn't think straight and after awhile she noticed. He's literally all I'm thinking about, I haven't seen him all day but that's probably because he doesn't have to look after me today. I don't think he even likes me as a friend, he probably thinks I'm annoying. I am. I just wish that I could go up to him and hug him and kiss him...

I walk into school on Wednesday morning feeling like shit. I just want him so badly. Basically running to my locker, I through my bags in and wait. I got to school early in hopes of seeing that beautiful boy. Unlocking me phone I log into Instagram, I run this pretty famous fan account dedicated to 5sos, only the hottest band ever. I post a picture of one of the members, Calum and then log back out. The reason I have to log in and out is my dad has a habit of looking through my phone. I just want to be careful. I lock my phone and look down at my shoes, breathing in and out slowly hoping that I might see him. But the bell rings and I haven't even caught a glimpse of him. I head to my first period class in a depressed mood. Kira notices right away, "Harry?" She ask, all I have to do is nod and she understands. All I can't do is keep my eyes open during an extremely boring lecture. After the bell rings again I step outside of the class room and look both ways. No Harry. I turn around to go talk to Kira and WAM, I walk into someone. I look up and see Harry laughing at me. I laugh it off and start to walk away. "Hey wait!" He yells after me. I spin around almost too fast and lose my balance. At the last moment I catch myself and move my ways back towards him. "Haha watch yourself there." He says as I almost trip again. "What do you want?" I say, it comes at as more of a whisper. "I just wanted to tell you that you are invited to a party that I'm throwing at my house after school on Friday." He smiles at me, "uhh sure." I say after I hurry to my next class. I smile the rest of the day. Not being able to think of anything else but him and that party.

I come home to a very concerned uncle. They want to know what the fuck is going on with my grades. I tell him that I am just getting used to the school and that they'll be raised within a few days. Which is true. I think that this whole Harry thing is just a phase. I'll get over him.

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