Why is he grinning? Oh shit. He’s grinning because he knows I was staring at him. I avert my eyes, and sit down in the seat across from him. I look down at my hands cracking my knuckles, I glance up to see if he’s still grinning at me. I now notice that he’s walking over towards me. He sits down in the chair next to me. I gulp, rolling my shoulders back,
“Well aren’t you a pretty freshman?” He whispers in my ear, I feel his hot breath on my neck, it smells like mint and nachos.


5. The Party

The Party


"What the hell do I wear to a party?" I ask Kira over the phone. "What ever you what." She responds simply, knowing her she'll probably show up in jeans and a t-shirt."how bout a dress?" I ask her. "Perfect." She says, seeming distracted. I look through my almost empty closet and find the perfect dress. It's tight not not to short, it's bright but not neon, it takes me a couple minutes to find shoes and put the dress on. I hear a loud honk from outside my house. Luckily my uncle isn't here so he won't see me leave in this. I run as fast as I can down the stairs (without falling), and throw open the door. Kira is waiting for me in her red Honda, smiling as if she just won the lottery. I hop in the car and flash a wide smile at her. "Excited?" She asks, "Of course." I reply. It takes us ten minutes to get to his house. The house is lit up and I can hear music from inside the house. We walk up the front steps and try to slide unnoticed into the party, but of course, "Kira!!" a girl named Natalie shouts when she's see her come in. Natalie skips her way over to us, smiling and dancing at the same time. A girl who I thinks name is Sarah is by her side. Sarah's arm is slung over Natalie's shoulder and Natalie has her hand on Sarah's butt. "They're a couple." Kira explains to me when they walk away. We make our ways towards where everyones dancing. I see a guy I know named Louis wondering around a table with a bunch of food on it. I walk over to him, deciding to flirt. "Hey." I smile at him. "Hey, you're cute." He presses me against the table, "So are you." I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck. I am about to kiss him when he is suddenly pulled away from me. In his place is Harry, staring at me. "Are you trying to make me jealous?" he asks, his face serious. "Maybe." I pop the b. He smirks, "well its working." I see Louis brushing himself off, I smile apologetically. Harry pushes himself up against me, his breath smells like beer. "You're drunk as hell."    

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