Why is he grinning? Oh shit. He’s grinning because he knows I was staring at him. I avert my eyes, and sit down in the seat across from him. I look down at my hands cracking my knuckles, I glance up to see if he’s still grinning at me. I now notice that he’s walking over towards me. He sits down in the chair next to me. I gulp, rolling my shoulders back,
“Well aren’t you a pretty freshman?” He whispers in my ear, I feel his hot breath on my neck, it smells like mint and nachos.


2. Meeting Harry

Meeting Harry


He stretches out his hand, "Hey, Im Harry." I stare down at his hand, I wipe my palm on my jeans and then shake Harry's hand. "I'm Alison." He stares at my raven black hair, he reaches out and takes a streak of my hair in his hand. “Pretty.” I smile at him and blush, no boy has ever had an effect on me like this. “t-thanks.” I stutter, He laughs at my nerves and drops my hair back onto my shoulder. “Aww, do I have an effect on you?” He whispers into my ear, I want to say no, I really want to say no. “m-maybe.” Shit why did I just say that? His eyes widens and his smile widens, “That’s cute.” Cute? Cute? Well shit. “Alison Hemmings?” I stand up and walk towards the principals office, a woman in a tight pencil skirt, and white blouse. I sit down in one of the purple chairs. “Uh, here’s your schedule, we have assigned you a senior to show around. He should be waiting for you outside.” She looks done at a folder and then hands into me. Inside is my schedule and a list of after school activities. I smile at her and then show myself out, I look around to see if anyone is waiting for me. I’m about to go back and ask the principal who he is when Harry walks up to me. “Hey Alison.” I smile and nod at him, “I’m supposed to show you around.” He smirks at me, “o-ok.” I stutter, he leads me out of the front office. I follow him to my first class, he leaves me at the front door, “Have fun, haha I know you wont.” I laugh and bite my lip nervously. “Here’s my number if you need any help.” He hands me a piece of paper and flashes me a big grin. I smile back at him a turn towards the door, I take a deep breath and walk into the room. No one notices me enter, I walk towards the front of the room. I hand the teacher my file and wait for him to introduce me to the class like they usually do. “Ok, everyone listen up!” It takes awhile for everyone to settle down, but when they do its completely quiet. “This is Alison Hemmings and she is new here from New York.” I smile at everyone, and some of them are nice enough to smile back. The teacher tells me to take a seat next to a red haired girl. “Hey, I’m Kira.” She smiles at me and returns to her work.

    After class Harry is waiting for me outside of class. He smiles at me, “You ready for 2nd period?” He waits for me to get all my stuff together. He keeps glancing at me the whole walk to 2nd period. “Do you want something?” I ask. He shakes his head and smiles at me, “No.” I look down and smile.

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