Why is he grinning? Oh shit. He’s grinning because he knows I was staring at him. I avert my eyes, and sit down in the seat across from him. I look down at my hands cracking my knuckles, I glance up to see if he’s still grinning at me. I now notice that he’s walking over towards me. He sits down in the chair next to me. I gulp, rolling my shoulders back,
“Well aren’t you a pretty freshman?” He whispers in my ear, I feel his hot breath on my neck, it smells like mint and nachos.


14. Making the Decision

Making the Decision

*Alison's POV*

I wake up with a cramp in my side. My face is tear stained from last night. I know what I really want, of course I want to be with Harry. I just don't want to be that hurt again. I look at my alarm clock, its 3 in the morning. Throwing the covers off of me I slip out of bed. I unlock my door and tip-toe down the hall. "Harry?" I whisper. "Harry?" I start to cry again, I don't want to make this decision but I need Harry right now. "Alison is that you?" I hear him from the side of the room, where the bed is. His voice is groggy from sleep, a small light turns on near the bed. "Harry!" Then I just give up, I give up on trying to keep it in. The tears stream heavily down my face. "Come here Ali!" He beckons me over. I crawl into the space next to him. He scoots over to make room from me and throws the blankets over me. "Thank you." I say as he turns off the light. 


*Harry's POV*

I wake up with my arm around the girl I love… Wait, shit… I didn't say that, I don't love her. Maybe I do but nows not the times to decide if I love her or not. She moans and roles over, facing me. I smile, and then I start to panic because she's really close to me and I'm getting an unwanted visitor down there, she will feel it when she wakes up. Then she opens her eyes, and smiles at me. Then she starts laughing, "I can feel it." She giggles and gets out of the bed. Awkward. "I've made my decision." She pulls down on her shirt, then I realize she's only wearing a shirt. "And-d what is that-t" I stutter, "I wanna be with you." She sits down on the bed smiling at me. 

"Then fucking kiss me."

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