Why is he grinning? Oh shit. He’s grinning because he knows I was staring at him. I avert my eyes, and sit down in the seat across from him. I look down at my hands cracking my knuckles, I glance up to see if he’s still grinning at me. I now notice that he’s walking over towards me. He sits down in the chair next to me. I gulp, rolling my shoulders back,
“Well aren’t you a pretty freshman?” He whispers in my ear, I feel his hot breath on my neck, it smells like mint and nachos.


11. Guest Room

Guest Room

*Alison's POV*

I let Harry, his mom and Louis into my house. I try to be as nice as I can to all of them. Louis smiles at me as he sits down, he's been over a few times after Harry rejected me. Harry sits uncomfortably in one of the seats next to the couch Louis is sitting in. Anne, Harry's mom goes straight into the kitchen and says, "I am going to start cooking dinner, Alison dear can you show Harry his room?" I nod and her and lead Harry upstairs, Louis follows slowly behind. I point into the room next to mine, there are two other rooms that he could sleep in but for some reason I want him close to me. He looks around and then smiles, he doesn't look straight into my eyes but more towards my ear.  I can understand his discomfort, I mean he did reject me and seeing me now with Louis that has to hurt him a little. Louis and I walk out of Harry's room and into mine, Harry needs time to get settled and when he is ready we told him just to knock. Well thats what Louis said which made me blush, why would he need to knock? It isn't like we would be doing anything, not that I don't want to do anything. I know Louis does, I know they are fighting over me and thats why they aren't friends anymore. Part of me wants Harry, I mean I love Harry but the other part of me want Louis, the dangerous side of me. I sit down on my bed, patting the spot besides me. Louis smiles at me, "So…." He says. Then I start laughing because he is so awkward and I want him. Shit, I want him so bad. 

He leans forward, his hand resting on my cheek. Then suddenly I hear a knock on the door, Harry walks into the room, catching us in a very awkward and close position.

"What the fuck Louis!"


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