Forbidden Love

Sophie gets a message from this mysterious guy named Logan. He's cute, he's funny, he's super sweet but....he's 15 years older than she is. What are they going to do when they knew it was love at first type?


2. Chapter Two.

I woke up the next morning only to find that I had many messages from Logan.

"I miss you"

"Wake up I wanna talk to you"

"You're so beautiful"

"How did I get lucky enough to meet you?"

And so on. I smiled. Wow. I actually smiled! & it's the beginning of the day. I thought to myself, this is gonna be a damn good day.

"Good morning sunshine!" I said.

I assumed he was still asleep so I didn't worry to much about it until after 4 hours when I still didn't have a reply. I felt like I messed up with him already. Like I was ready to die again. Thats exactly what I was going to do.

I got my knife and had it in my skin. It bled, a lot. I became dizzy and I blacked out. I only remember waking up in the hospital hooked up to IVs and seeing someone I'd never met before sitting asleep in the chair beside the bed.

I whispered, "Logan?" He opened his eyes.

"Hello beautiful."

"Is this real life?" I pinched myself. "Ouch"

He laughed. "It's really me baby. You don't reply so I got scared and came to find you and you were home alone unconscious."

That kind of made me smile that he gave a damn about me. I scratched my arm and started to cry a little and looked down and saw stitches going up my arm. I looked at him confused.

"You don't remember do you?" He said.

I shook my head no and looked at it again.

"You cut yourself and hit a vein so you bled out. Don't worry. I cleaned up all the blood after they told me you'd be okay."

I smiled. "Logan, will you kiss me?"

You chuckled a little and stood up and we made out for a few minutes until we heard the nurse at the door.

She came in and have me my medication. The next thing I know, I was out again with Logan's hand on my thigh really close to my, uhm, my pussy.

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