Beige and Maroon

Something I literally just wrote after a little insight from over thinking
It's just some crap really


1. Godly

It’s bleak, I am your torn wallpaper
I miss the ceiling you hate so much
And God only knows 
that I’m the victim of the preacher 

Teach her

Head sinner, I’m a winner 
I told myself that sarcastically 

There’s addiction to who you are because of who I am
I seek the certain curves in tree bark and you fit 



in to the palm of my hand
and the arch in my back

It misses your kisses, it misses your glare

I want you to stare at me again
Look at me
Look at what I won’t let you get away from 
Look at the world chasing up on you and see yourself reject it as a problem
Look at what you were when you craved her too

She wished you could go back more than you and I do

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